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How to choose the right photo frame for your picture

October 23, 2019

photo frame for your picture

Choosing the right photo frame for your picture can sometimes be a daunting and confusing process if you do not know what you want, trying to choose photo frames online, or you want something that will accentuate your artwork or item that you are framing but have no idea how to do it. But, before we get into choosing the “right” frame, let’s start off by saying that is no right or wrong frame, ultimately is comes down to your personal style, taste and also budget. At the end of the day, you are the one that will be looking at this frame every day and you need to be happy with it. So, in saying that, it is important to keep true to this, otherwise you will regret your decision and end up searching for photo frames Perth again so you can re-frame it! However, there are some important factors and framing options to keep in mind that will help you to choose the right frame. It is important to note the ultimate goal of choosing the right frame. To notice the artwork first and then notice the frame. 

One framing option that can really help with achieving the ultimate goal of choosing the right frame is placing a matboard or mount around the outside of your artwork, photo or memorabilia. Items like artwork and paintings can really benefit from having a coloured matboard or mount placed around the outside, especially if it is quite busy or if you would like to accentuate a particular colour that is in the artwork. When an appropriate amount of matboard is used on a busy artwork for example, it can really help to put some space between the artwork itself and the frame, which in turn helps you to focus on the artwork and not what you have placed around the outside. If you were to place a frame straight around a very busy artwork, it can sometimes enhance the “busy-ness” and make the artwork look cluttered. 

The second factor to keep in mind when choosing a frame is the style of frame. Again, if you have a very busy artwork, it would be a good decision to choose a frame that is very plain and understated. This will turn the focus onto the painting rather than the framing. If you chose a very elaborate ornate frame with a busy pattern it will clash with the artwork and you will start to notice the frame first and the attention of the artwork will be deferred. Another example would be if you have a very old wedding photograph or old style painting, you may wish to respect the time period of the photo or artwork and use a frame that resembles the era, for example ornate frames and recycled timber frames were used in abundance during these times. Putting a modern, glossy frame on an old wedding photo would certainly make you notice the frame more than the wedding photo itself, but if your style is modern you may wish to go for a simple, plain black frame that is modern but is understated enough to work with an old photograph. 

The third factor to consider is the colour of the frame. Some choices are relatively simple, black and white photos look fantastic with a black, white or silver frame, an artwork with only one or two colours would look good with a colour frame the same as the artwork or even a plain black or white frame or a pastel artwork always looks impressive with metallic colours like silver. Other artworks and photos that have a multitude of colours or colours can be tricky to try and match with the most popular of frame colours can be a little more challenging. This is where the help of a professional picture framer can be an asset as their experience is priceless and they can help you choose a frame colour that works with your artwork or photo without taking over. 

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we are experts in photo frames Perth and we can help you choose the right custom photo frames to suit your style, your artwork and your budget with our free, no obligation colour and style consultation. You will be guided through this process, with as much time that is needed, and we will help you decide on all the factors mentioned above to help you get the right picture frame that reflects your personal style, taste and budget all whilst making sure we achieve the ultimate goal of choosing the right frame. 

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