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Modern Art Picture Framing : The Challenges

August 02, 2019

Modern Art Picture Framing

Artwork, prints, posters and any other “on trend” wall art can be one of the most challenging items to frame, especially when it is purchased unframed and you are left on your own to figure out so many variables. These  picture framing variables include whether to choose a custom made frame or ready made picture frames from a department store or  picture frames online, how much to spend, and what colour and style frame will best compliment the artwork. However these decisions can be very easily made with the right information. 

So you have just purchased your on-trend artwork and now are left with the task of getting it into a frame. Most people will think this is a very easy task and instantly visit their local department store, Ikea or home and living store to find a frame that will fit the artwork. After a day searching high and low, most people come to the realisation that ready made frames that are sold in department stores come in standard sizes and no matter where they go, they simply cannot find a frame that will fit their artwork. This is where a custom made frame is ideal but it also does not have to cost a fortune. 

Using the services of a custom picture framer has many benefits for your newly purchased artwork. Firstly, by using a picture framer, you get exactly what you want in regards to the size, colour and style. Custom framing means that everything is made to order, so there is no need to make your artwork fit into a frame, but rather making the frame to fit the artwork. Secondly, all materials are acid free, so your artwork will not discolour or suffer the harsh effects of acid over time. Third, a  custom picture framer will be able to advise you on the best style and colour to suit your artwork, whilst keeping with your personal style. But I hear your concerns, how much is this “custom” frame going to cost! 

The cost of custom picture framing is really quite simple. It is worked out based on the size of your artwork, the frame that you choose and any other options that you choose to add to your frame, like a mat board or mount or UV glass. Yes, this can get expensive but depending on your choices, you can make it very affordable and on par with the standard size department store frames. For example, if you are wanting something economical to get your artwork framed and on the wall, choose a simplistic frame with no extras like matting and choose glass and backing options that are already included in the price. By doing this you will get the frame made to the correct size, in the colour of your choice and with premium materials. Even though you have chosen affordable options, your artwork and frame will look professionally finished at a comparable price to ready made department store frames. 

Another consideration when framing your artwork is what colour and style frame will best compliment the piece. You may have one part of the artwork that is the focal point and choosing a frame style and colour that emphasises that focal point can really bring the artwork to life. However, it is very important to make sure the frame does not become the focal point and the artwork fades into the background, so choosing a plain frame for a busy piece will work wonders as would choosing an ornate frame for a plainer piece or an older style artwork where the ornate frame fits the time period. Although this sounds confusing,  choosing a reputable and experienced picture framer will make these choices easier as they will be able to guide your decisions and give you advise on frames and colours that will work with your artwork. 

At Portfolio Picture Framers, where you can get  custom picture framers perth, we understand the sometimes daunting process of custom picture framing. Whether you are an art lover with a good eye for colour and style or a novice just trying to get your favourite artwork on the wall, we can help you choose the right frame at the right price for you. We offer a free, no obligation, colour and frame consultation and quote where we guide you through all your options and recommend the best options for your artwork, your personal style and budget. 

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