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Picture Framers Perth - Portfolio Picture Framers

October 31, 2018

picture framers perth

Let’s face it, when you are looking for a service or product in 2018 your first port of call is to search online. Search engines know everything. So even when you are look for picture framing Perth or  picture framing Myaree, it knows where you are and shows you all the available options. With technology making purchase decisions so much easier than ever, at Portfolio Picture Framers we believe that we must work all that much harder to make sure our customers and more importantly our potential customers know they are walking into the right picture framing business. Therefore, we wanted to take a minute to explain why we are one of the best in the business and why you should trust us with your precious memories, artworks, photos or memorabilia.

Travis Ottey, the owner of Portfolio Picture Framers, has over 15 years experience in the industry and there isn’t a lot he doesn’t know about framing or a lot he hasn’t attempted to frame. If something crosses our showroom that simply cannot be framed (rarely but it does happen) he will always be honest and explain why it shouldn’t or can’t be done. He is also very particular about how things are done and will always frame to art gallery standards and he always uses acid free materials and the very best moulding sourced from all over the world. Because of this we guarantee to our customers that they are getting the very best materials that are available to provide them with a premium service.

Customer service is also very high on our list of priorities and we will always go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy. Some customers come into our store with the item they want framed and have little to no idea what they want, only that they want it framed. We always take as much time as needed to guide our customers through a colour consultation to choose the right matting and frame that will best suit the item to be framed but also taking into account the customer’s personal taste and style. We will also sort out any issues or complaints immediately and do our very best to rectify any issues that arise. A few customers that have had to return their work due to an issue are surprised at how easy and quick we deal with your concern and rectify the problem, no questions asked.  We will also help you out and point you in the right direction where we can if we are unable to frame your item or we do not provide the service that you are looking for.

Reviews are also very important to us, whether they are good or bad. 99% of our reviews are all five stars from very happy customers with one negative review, but unfortunately when you have done all you can to rectify situations, some people are just not happy and that’s OK because we learn from these situations and make sure we do better in the future. We are only human after all! We love to read your feedback and we encourage customers to leave us a review as it certainly does help potential customers choose us for their framing requirements.





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