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A Fitting Framed Tribute: War Medal Framing!

January 21, 2021

war medal framing

We have so many people coming into our showroom and see our Grandfather’s war medals framed with photos of them proudly wearing their uniform and other keepsake items they collected or earned during their time serving for our country.

The comment is always the same “we should bring Dad’s medals in to be framed” or “we should frame Grandpop’s medals instead of keeping them in a draw”.

Unless you are gifting the medals to someone, its not something people usually frame simply because they don’t think of it or its one of those things that you are going to do at some point but never get around to it.

If you are one of those people, read on, as we explain:

  • why it is important to frame and preserve war medals and memorabilia
  • what war medal framing is
  • how to go about getting medals framed; and
  • some helpful information that will help your honour yours or your relatives service to their country

Why is framing war medals important?

It's very important to preserve war medals and other military memorabilia in a frame for future generations so they can appreciate the sacrifice of their relatives. By handing down framed war medals they have a piece of history to remember and pass on, well into the future.

A lot of people never get around to framing the war medals in their possession or simply don’t know what to do with them. Unfortunately, leaving this kind of memorabilia sitting in a draw for years will eventually deteriorate the items, sometimes beyond repair. 

By framing your or your relative’s war memorabilia you are preserving the actual memorabilia itself from harmful materials that may discolour or deteriorate the actual items. You also protect it from damage due to being put in a drawer or closet with other items placed on top of it. 

Some materials like paper contain acid that can discolour and corrode your medals over time. Insects like silverfish can also have a damaging impact while heavy items placed on top of your medals may damage them. 

Sealing precious war items inside a frame made from acid-free materials is the best way to preserve them for generations to come. 

Framing precious items is also a great way to ensure they don’t get lost or misplaced. Instead, once they are displayed attractively in a frame, you can proudly display them and remember what they stand for. 

What is war medal framing?

Military and war medal framing is exactly as it sounds – a frame to display medals given for serving a country during times of war. 

War medal framing is a great way to celebrate their courage, sacrifice and service of someone who served in war. Framed war medals are also an excellent heirloom that can be passed down generation after generation.

Whether you want to proudly display war medals or preserve meaningful memorabilia, we can help you create a custom frame that achieves just that. Our framing services use high quality materials that will not damage your precious items, ensuring they stay in great condition for years to come.

We only use acid-free materials to protect your items from discolouration and corrosion. Typically the frame will be sealed with an acid free backing and then stapled closed for a firm and secure finish. 

If for any reason you want to reframe the items in the future or remove them from the frame to wear them on ANZAC day, a professional picture framer can help you design an easy access backing to the frame.

What’s the best way to frame war medals?

There are many ways to frame war medals and other memorabilia. As a custom framing company, we can create a unique and personal frame that displays your items best. With a wide range of frame style and mat board options, you have full control of the final look.

We have experience framing all kinds of military and war based items. The type of war memorabilia we tend to see the most in our studio are medals from the first and second world wars. 

Framing these war medals on their own looks very impressive but to give further impact we recommend trying to find a photo of the veteran in uniform to put with the medals. It gives a face to the brave and heroic sacrifices that the person made for his or her country. 

We also suggest including in the frame any other pieces of memorabilia (if any) from the war. This could include dog tags, photographs, sections of a uniform, letters and more. Framing these precious items will help protect them and is a great way to tell a story about the person who served.

For example, my Pop always kept his dog tags, a ring that he made while serving in the middle east and patches off his uniform. All these little things combined with his medals and photo come together to tell a story of the sacrifice and the experience that he would have had during his time in active combat. 

Include an engraved plaque in the frame

We can also organise an engraved plaque to add at the bottom of your frame that could include information like the Rank, Name, Service Number, Battalion etc. These are completely made to order so you can include as much or as little information as you like. 

If you are having trouble finding information for the plaque, please ask us as we may be able to help you out with this, depending on the country the veteran served with. 

If you are a little stuck or confused as to what to include in the frame, we suggest collecting anything you may wish to include and bring it along to our showroom. 

We will go through all your options and work out the best layout for you and then you can decide from there what you want to include. We have had the privilege of framing many war and military service items and look forward to helping you create something you want to display proudly.

Do you have questions about war medals?

When it comes to war medals and war records, it can be difficult to find the right answers. If you are wanting more information or have questions regarding your relative’s war medals, we would be happy to help. 

We can also assist with information on how to claim previously unclaimed medals from the Australian Government, how to purchase replica medals and how to go about finding your relative’s war records. 

Would you like to mount your war medals on a wearable bar? Portfolio Picture Framers can help with this too.

Come in and see Travis who takes an interest in anything wartime and he can give you all the information you need to find what you are looking for. He might even be able to help you find information on your relatives that you may have not known even existed!

Where can I get war medals framed?

If you are considering war medal framing Perth, Portfolio Picture Framers offer a free, no obligation consultation and quote. We can help you create the perfect tribute frame to honour and remember the sacrifice and courage of your heroes. 

We only use the highest quality materials and processes to ensure you precious items stay in great condition for years to come. We understand the importance of being able to pass on a piece of history to the next generation and take great care with every piece of memorabilia we have the honour of framing.

Come and chat with our friendly team at our studio in Myaree or call us on (08) 9330 5884.


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