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Block Mounting

Unfortunately, Portfolio Picture Framers no longer completes Block Mounting as a service and there is a few reasons for this. Firstly, it is a very old-fashioned style of hanging posters onto a wall and the technique used to provide this service is a very labour intensive one so the pricing is on par with getting your poster custom framed. In addition, the block mount is simply an MDF board which is not acid free and over time it will deteriorate your poster. So, given these reasons, we have made the decision not to offer this service anymore.

However, we do have a solution for you that will protect your poster for many years to come and look similar to a block mount!

We regularly recommend to our past customers to frame their poster. We will stick the poster down onto a sticky, acid free foam core backing and then place a small frame (colour of your choice) around the outside so you are able to hang it. We suggest (for the true block mount feel) to not use glass which will give you the same effect, but without the weight! It will be incredibly light making it very easy to hang. If you decide not to put glass over your poster, we do recommend getting it laminated first for added protection.

For a quote to get your poster framed as described above please contact us and let us know you would like a quote for the “new” block mounting option!

Block Mounting

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