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Celebrate Every Milestone with School Years Photo Frames

Capture the journey of your child's education from the first day of school to graduation with our exclusive collection of School Years Photo Frames. Portfolio Picture Framers offers a specially curated selection designed to celebrate each year's achievements and memories. From yearbook photo frames to classroom picture frames, our collection is perfect for showcasing those cherished moments that mark your child’s educational journey.

Class Photo frame

Preserve the precious memories of your child and their peers, by framing their class photo.

School Years Picture frame

Display photos from every grade in one beautifully designed frame, creating a visual timeline of your child's growth and achievements.

Personalised School Years frames

Add a personal touch with customised frames that include your child's name, graduation year, or a special message.

Our school years frames are not just gifts; they are keepsakes that hold the memories of friendships, discoveries, and milestones. Whether it's for your home or as a gift to proud grandparents, a school year's picture frame from Portfolio Picture Framers is the perfect way to commemorate the unforgettable moments of childhood education.


1. What is a yearbook photo frame?

A yearbook photo frame is a special frame designed to display individual or group photos typically found in yearbooks. It provides a stylish and personalised way to showcase school memories.

2. What makes school years picture frames special?

School years picture frames are unique frames that allow you to display photos from each grade or milestone in a student's academic journey. They serve as a visual timeline of growth and achievement.

4. Can I customise these picture frames?

Yes, many of our yearbook and classroom picture frames can be customised with engravings, personalised messages, or school logos. Contact us for more information on customisation options.

5. What sizes are available for these picture frames?

Our collection includes a variety of custom sizes to accommodate different photo dimensions, from individual portraits to group shots.