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COVID-19 In-Store Safety Measures

Your health and safety are a top priority for us. With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we want you to know that we are committed to doing our part to keep both our customers and ourselves healthy. Here at Portfolio Picture Framers, we are a family-run business and it's just us, Travis and Natasha, that keep the doors open and complete all your framing requirements.

Some of the benefits of choosing us to help you with your custom framing requirements are:

  • We are both fully vaccinated with our booster shots also up to date
  • Being a small store away from busy shopping centers and crowds, we are able to provide a safe, clean and uncrowded space for you to come in for a framing consultation without stress or chaos.
  • As this business is our family’s only source of income we are dedicated to protecting our health, our customer’s health and keeping our doors open.

So, to keep our customers safe AND to keep ourselves safe so we can continue opening our doors to our loyal customers, we have put the following safety measures in place for your visit to our store:

    • We cannot stress enough that if you are unwell or experiencing ANY COVID symptoms, please stay home and visit us when you have recovered. If you spread the virus to us, we will need to close and isolate, meaning your work will take longer to complete and we lose our sole source of income.
    • Please adhere to this as we do not want to offend you if we ask you to leave our store if you are showing COVID symptoms.
    • If you are excited to get your framing project underway, we can send you some framing options and quotes via email. If you wish to proceed, we will work with you to drop off and collect your items with no contact. To email us for a quote, please visit our Contact Us Page and complete the enquiry form. We can also give general information over the phone.
    • You are more than welcome to wear a mask in-store but masks are not compulsory. 
    • Please keep a 1.5m distance between you, us, and other customers for everyone’s safety. Please also stay behind the counter.
      • Please use the hand sanitizer provided if you wish to handle our sample frames and sample matboards. By sanitizing your hands first it reduces cleaning and keeps everyone safe! 
      • Whilst not mandatory, we would appreciate EFTPOS payments where possible to avoid cash handling.

    Being a small, family business, we need your support and the community’s support more than ever throughout this time to ensure our shop can navigate this once-in-a-century challenge! We would appreciate that you adhere to the above guidelines whilst in our store so we can all stay safe.

    In the event that we do need to temporarily close in order to self-isolate, we highly recommend that you follow our Facebook page for the most up-to-date and latest information on closure dates and re-opening specials!

    Thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you safely in our store.

    Travis and Natasha


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