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Frame Maintenance

Like any item in your home, your frame will need some attention from time to time to keep it looking pristine. Maintenance is important to prevent deterioration and unwanted pests and mould getting into your frame.

We would like to offer the following tips to keep your custom frame investment looking as good as new!

  • Hang your frame out of direct sunlight, avoid positioning it under a heat source and choose a well ventilated room as this will reduce the effects of humidity and help avoid issues like mould, fading and sticking which could create irreversible damage to your frame and the framed item.
  • Wipe the frame over with a clean microfibre cloth, clean rag or paper towel to remove any dust or cobwebs. We do not recommend using any chemical cleaners or solvents on your frame as it could stain it or strip the finish from the frame. If you wish to use a cleaner, we recommend testing a small section that is not noticeable to test for any damaging effects.
  • To clean the glass we recommend using a glass cleaner or for a cheap alternative, mix 1 part Methylated Spirits to 3 parts water. To clean the glass, make sure you spray your glass cleaner onto a microfiber cloth or paper towel and not directly onto the glass to avoid streaks and to avoid liquid seeping behind the glass and potentially ruining your mat board, backing or artwork. NOTE: If you have UV glass in your frame you will require an ammonia free cleaner.  

If you have any questions regarding frame maintenance, please contact us.

Frame Maintenance

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