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Custom Frames - Why should I choose Custom Framing?

There are a multitude of reasons that people choose custom picture framesand custom framed prints over a cheaper, ready made frame, however we believe there are4major reasons why people decide to get custom sized picture frames and entrust a professional picture framer:

1) Protection of the artwork or item you want to frame

Whether you have a cherished photo, print or artwork or a piece of valuable memorabilia, getting custom frames made professionally ensures the item will be protected for many generations to come.

Portfolio Picture Framers use only acid free materials in there custom photo frames including mat boards, foam core backing, tapes and glues to ensure your item does not deteriorate or yellow over time. Anything that comes in contact with your item must be acid free or it will suffer permanent and irreversible yellowing in the future. We also carry museum grade matboards if you require the highest quality for the most valuable of items.

We carry all grades of glass from standard glass through to Museum grade UV glass that will protect your item from the damaging affects of UV light. We also carry non-reflective glass that cuts down glare and reflections allowing you to enjoy your artwork without any distortions.

2) You get exactly what you want

When you get exactly what you want you feel a sense of pleasure and achievement. So when you receive your custom photo frames, custom framed prints, football jumper or family heirloom back from a custom picture framer, you will get that same feeling – which will keep returning every time you look at your frame on the wall.

When you choose custom picture frames to frame your items you can choose absolutely everything from whether or not you would like a mat board (aka mount), the colour and material of the matboard, the size of the matboard, whether you want one, two or even three matboards combined, a pattern or shape cut into the matboard rather than a standard rectangle, the colour, style, width, depth of the frame, the overall size of the frame, what type of glass you would like (or none at all) and what type of hanger you would like on the back. You certainly do not get even a quarter of these options when selecting a ready made frame and you wouldn’t buy a t-shirt that didn’t quite fit and the same rings true for picture frames.

If you are not familiar with custom frames you maybe unaware as to the multitude of design options that await you. In addition, as all custom size picture frames are made to order, we can create a frame that will perfectly suit the items that are framed within and the item that you have framed will be the centre of attention rather than the ill fitted ready made frame.

3) Professional results

While it might be easy to give it a try yourself, DIY ways to custom picture framing can easily damage your piece, leaving you disappointed but more importantly, ruin a work of art that might have been very special and dear to your heart. 

With over 30 years of experience in the framing industry, our team specialises in making sure your custom framed prints and artwork is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you are a business owner looking for some corporate custom framed prints, an artist looking to get your artwork ready for gallery exhibition, a photographer after custom frames for your clients’ wedding photos, or just want to get a special memory immortalized the best way possible, come and visit us at Portfolio Picture Framers for all your custom framing needs. Our team has a great eye for design and can help you pick the right custom frame. 

4) Personalised Service

Choosing to frame through a custom picture framer gives you opportunity to receive advice and insight from a custom frames perth expert. Whether or not you have an idea of what you a looking for, a professional framer can guide you on colours, styles and current trends which will ultimately complement the item that you want to frame and it will look right at home, no matter where you choose to hang it.

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we offer a free colour consultation which will help guide you to choosing the perfect frame and framing options for your item and it’s completely obligation free. If you decide not to proceed or you wish to take some time to consider what we have discussed, we can keep all your choices on file and revisit it on a later date.

To explore our full range of services for custom size picture frames and to view examples of our work, please visit the below links or visit our showroom at  Unit 3 / 45 McCoy Street, Myaree, WA 6154.

For more information on Picture Framers Myaree, Please contact us.

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