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January 15, 2019

Professional Art Framer in Perth

Many people are unaware of the multitude of items, especially self-made crafts, that an art framer like Portfolio Picture Framers can frame so that your hard work isn’t kept in a draw. Displaying your craft in custom art frames is a great conversation starter and something that you can look at everyday and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.  We regularly frame a huge amount of crafty items including needlework’s, tapestries, cross-stitch, tea towels, diamond paintings, paintings, puzzles and many other crafts.

There are various ways to frame your crafts, but do not worry, as an experienced art framer, Portfolio Picture Framers offer a free colour consultation and no obligation quote in order to give you some ideas on how to best frame your art so that the framing highlights your hours of hard work and achievement. A common question we receive is how we will attach the artwork into the frame without damaging the artwork or, in the case of a jigsaw puzzle, without it falling apart! A very good question and one we can easily answer depending on the type of craft you have to frame. During your consultation we can explain how the item will be attached and if there is likely to be any complications in doing so. We will always alert you to any concerns we may have in attaching your artwork and work through this problem with you.

Custom art frames

One idea to enhance the finer details of your tapestry or painting for example, is to add a mount or mat board around the outside to draw attention to a particular colour or aspect in your artwork. We have a large selection of matboards including a huge collection of colours, textures and finishes and we can help you choose the best one to compliment your art while keeping in tune with your personal style.

Portfolio Picture Framers also have over 500 custom art frames to choose from so you can be assured of finding the right frame to really add the finishing touch to your artwork. No matter what the style of your artwork is or what your personal style is you can be assured that you will find the right frame to suit your artwork and your personal style. During your free colour consultation the owners at Portfolio Picture Framers will spend as much time that is needed with you to find the perfect combination and can suggest alternative options that you may not have thought of or even considered.

Portfolio Picture Framers understands that your craft hobby can quickly become an expensive one which is why we offer a Frame Now, Pay Later payment option with no deposit and no interest with flexible payment options. For more information on this service speak to us at your consultation or visit our website.

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