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5 Benefits of Getting Sports Memorabilia Framed

December 24, 2020

Sports Memorabilia Frames

Do you have sports memorabilia that you want to show off? As a sports fan, it’s likely you are immensely proud of your memorabilia. And for good reason! 

From signed cricket bats to footy jerseys, momentous photographs, medals and more – we’ve seen all types of prized memorabilia walk through our doors. 

Whether your sports memorabilia was purchased at an auction or painstakingly gained by lining up for an autograph, one thing is for sure – it’s paramount that you get it framed. 

High quality sports memorabilia framing will protect your item from damage and make sure it retains its value for years to come. What’s more, the right framing will enhance the appearance of your memorabilia and allow you to prominently display it in your home, whether that’s in Perth or elsewhere.

As a sports fan, you are immensely proud of your memorabilia. Your sports memorabilia may have been purchased at auction, or painstakingly gained by obtaining autographs. However you acquired your prized possession, it is paramount that you get it framed to enhance its appearance, allow you to prominently display it in your home, whether this is in Perth or elsewhere, and to protect it from damage and retain its value.

Here’s 5 major benefits of getting your sports memorabilia framed.

Protect Your Prized Possession

When you have something that is irreplaceable such as sports memorabilia, you need to protect it from damage, wear and tear and loss. Exposure to dust, sunlight, heat or other environmental factors can cause discolouration and damage to your items over time. 

Quality framing will prevent damage and preserve the mint condition of your memorabilia for years to come. However, it’s important to remember that not all framing is equal. Cheap and nasty pre-made frames can actually have a negative effect on your memorabilia over time.

Instead, we recommend investing in a custom made frame with special UV-resistant glass. At Portfolio Picture Framers, we use high quality, durable materials including UV-resistant glass and acid free matt boards to ensure your prized possessions stay in great condition. 

Our frames are handmade in our Perth studio so that we can control their quality from start to finish. When you come to us, you can be sure that you’ll get a sturdy and durable frame that will protect your items, look fantastic and stand the test of time. Cheap, mass-made frames really can’t compare.

Retain Your Item’s Value

Trading and collecting sports memorabilia has become a massive industry. Some memorabilia is extremely rare and can be worth quite a lot of money. In many cases, a memorabilia item can rise in value as it gets older. 

However valuable sports memorabilia can quickly lose its value if it is damaged, worn or faded. You risk reducing your item’s value by leaving it scrunched up in a box, exposed to harsh sunlight or floating around the house where many hands can touch it.

When your memorabilia is framed in a quality custom frame it is protected from damage. That means framing your memorabilia can retain its value, and possibly increase its financial worth over time. 

What’s more, a quality, well-designed frame will also add to the value of your item. If you wish to sell your item later on, it’s worth getting it framed now to ensure you can get a better price when you sell. In general, memorabilia that is displayed in a custom frame will sell higher in Perth and other regions also.

Get an Impressive Final Look

Sports memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes. If you really want to show off your item in the best light, it’s worth getting a custom frame that has been made specifically for that item. 

Settling for a sub-par, mass-produced frame can detract from your item instead of showing it off. But when you choose a custom frame, you can have precise control over the design, style, shape, materials and composition of your framing. 

Is someone at home worried about how your memorabilia will fit in with the existing decor? By choosing a custom frame, you can hand pick a style and colours that will complement your home decor. Whether you plan to display your framed memorabilia in the living room, home office or man cave, a custom frame will make sure it looks fantastic wherever it’s placed.

If you’re not sure what will look best, our framing experts can walk you through the options and give our professional advice about what would look great for your specific item.

Display Multiple Items Together

Got more than one item to display? That’s not a problem when you get your memorabilia custom framed. Frames can be made with a wide range of styles and techniques to ensure all the important items are shown off in the ideal way.

For example, you may have a jersey and some grand final photographs that you want to display together. Or perhaps you want to frame a signed cricket bat and ball side by side. 

Whatever items you want to frame, our sports memorabilia framing experts can help make sure they’re displayed in an attractive way. 

Show Off Your Memorabilia With Pride

Don’t let your valuable sports memorabilia sit admired in a dark box. Get your prized possession out and give it the frame it deserves! A quality frame will make your collector’s item look simply stunning. 

Now that it is protected in a unique and eye-catching frame of your choosing, you can proudly display your sports memorabilia in a prominent position where you can see it every day.

Or you could just bring it out when your team is winning – that is entirely up to you!

Get Your Sports Memorabilia Framed With Us!

If you are fortunate enough to be in possession of sporting memorabilia it is essential to preserve its condition and value with a quality picture frame. 

For quality picture framing Perth areas contact Portfolio Picture Framers. We’re a local family owned business in Myaree specialising in sports memorabilia framing. 

We can frame jerseys, jumpers, balls, bats, gloves, athlete attire, medals and more. You name it and we can frame it! We use the highest quality materials and processes to ensure your prized possessions stay protected and look amazing for years and years to come.

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