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Enhancing Your Music Corner: Creating The Ultimate Record Player Setup

March 26, 2024

Enhancing Your Music Corner: Creating The Ultimate Record Player Setup

Every vinyl lover's got that special nook at home, a cosy corner where dropping the needle on a record is almost a sacred moment. It's more than just somewhere you listen to records, but a personal sanctuary. 

In this month’s blog, we're going to tell you how to take your music corner to the next level. Imagine a space that feels like it's uniquely yours, thanks to some custom-framed wall art and your favorite records. 

The value of a music corner

Listening to music on vinyl offers a more immersive experience that’s just different from hitting play on your phone. 

A music corner is your private concert hall, a place where the physical act of playing records connects you with music on a personal level. It's a spot dedicated to not just listening but experiencing music. And it's all yours to customise. Want to surround yourself with posters of your favorite bands or line up your all-time favourite albums? Go for it. This space is a reflection of your music taste, kind of like a personal museum of the tunes that matter most to you.

Setting up your record player

The heart of any music corner is the record player setup. Start with a high-quality turntable that suits your aesthetic and audio preferences, considering aspects like manual versus automatic operation, cartridge types, and drive systems. Position your turntable on a stable surface to prevent vibrations and ensure the best sound quality. Amplifiers and speakers complete the setup, chosen to complement the room's acoustics and your personal listening style.

Display ideas for vinyl records and music memorabilia

Vinyl records are not just for listening to; they are visual and tactile treasures. Displaying your collection and music memorabilia can turn your music corner into a uniquely personal space. Here are some record player display ideas:

  • Wall-mounted shelves:Ideal for easy access and showcasing the artwork on album covers.
  • Now-playing stands:A dedicated spot to display the album currently spinning adds a dynamic element to your music corner.
  • Frame your favourites: Custom framing allows you to preserve and highlight special albums or music posters. 
    • Vinyl records and album covers:Frame your favorite albums or vinyl records as artwork. This not only preserves them but also celebrates their cover art, which often is as iconic as the music itself.
    • Concert posters and tickets: Did you attend a gig that changed your life? Framing posters, tickets, or even setlists from memorable concerts can add a personal touch and keep those memories alive.
    • Signed memorabilia:If you've got anything signed by an artist, be it a photo, a concert flyer, or even a lyric sheet, framing it can turn your music corner into a mini hall of fame.
    • Band T-shirts: That limited edition t-shirt you caught at a concert or bought at a gig can be stretched and framed as a unique piece of art that no one else has.
    • Guitar picks and drumsticks:For the musicians out there, framing picks, drumsticks, or any small instrument or accessory used by your favorite bands adds a personal and authentic touch.
    • Sheet music:If there's a piece of music that means a lot to you, framing the sheet music is a great way to pay homage to the composition and its composer.
    • Music-inspired artwork: Commission or create artwork inspired by your favourite songs, albums, or artists. Framing these pieces adds a layer of personal expression to your music corner.

A thoughtfully designed music corner offers more than just a place to listen to music; it creates a personal retreat where you can unwind. It's a visual representation of your taste, a conversation starter, and a source of inspiration. The addition of custom-framed pieces elevates the space, merging the worlds of audio and visual art, and making your music corner uniquely yours.

The options for items to frame for your music corner are endless, and at Portfolio Picture Framers, we can frame anything. Get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

Let us help you bring your music corner to life

Our custom framing solutions are designed to protect and accentuate your music memorabilia, turning them into pieces of art that enhance your music corner. 

With a focus on craftsmanship, material quality, and personalisation, we offer a variety of frames and mounts to complement any decor style. Whether it's a vintage record sleeve or a contemporary concert poster, our team can help you select the perfect frame for your needs.

Let Portfolio Picture Framers guide you in selecting the perfect frames to showcase your favourite music memorabilia, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and personal value of your collection. Visit us in our Perth showroom or contact us to discover how we can help bring your music corner to life. 

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