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Deciding to Visit an Art Framer to Get a Piece of Art Professionally Framed?

February 06, 2019

Visit an Art Framer

Deciding to visit an art framer to get a piece of art professionally framed can be a daunting experience for someone that has never done it before and the look of confusion and bemusement is something we see often when people come into our showroom and we start the consultation process. So, we wanted to assure people that we can guide you through this very simple process and explain all your options so that when you decide to frame a painting or artwork you are prepared.

Firstly, we will ask you whether or not you have any ideas on what you would like to do. Some people have a very specific idea in their mind, while others have absolutely no idea where to start. Obviously if you have a specific idea we will work to your specifications and if you are open to suggestions we can also help guide you to alternatives you may not have considered. Where people have no idea, we usually start by asking if they have considered or would like to consider putting a mat board around their artwork. A mat board is the coloured border that sits around an artwork and comes in a vast array of colours, textures and fabrics. If you choose to add a matboard, we help you choose the right colours to complement your art all while keeping within your personal tastes and style.

Next, we will ask whether you have a frame colour or style in mind. Having a colour or style in mind reduces the choices quite significantly so it can help with the decision. However not having a colour or style in mind or being open to choice is also very helpful as it allows us to pick some choices that will really enhance the framed artwork while staying within your personal style. Also, if you are having trouble deciding we love to hear “NO I hate that one!” because its one closer to finding your perfect match!

Usually the last decision you will have to make is what type of glass you would like to protect your framed art. The most popular and cheapest glass is your standard glass that you find in most places. This glass reflects light and allows UV rays to penetrate onto your artwork. Unless your item is very valuable or its going to be in direct sunlight, this is a cost-effective option to protect your framed artwork from dust, finger-marks, dirt and moisture. The other popular and relatively inexpensive glass in a non-reflective glass. This reflection control glass does exactly as its name suggests, it controls reflection. A popular choice if you can’t stand seeing your kitchen reflecting in your framed art on the other side of the room. The last option is a UV grade glass that blocks 99% of UV rays from reaching your artwork. This ensures that your artwork will never fade from the sun’s harmful rays. A perfect option if you have an original or limited edition artwork that is very valuable.

So, if you are considering visiting an art framer or even Portfolio Picture Framers to get your artwork professionally framed, hopefully by reading this your experience will not be as daunting as you think and you can enjoy the process of deciding on mat board colours, a frame and a glass without the fear of the unknown.

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