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Display Your Graduation Certificate Proudly!

May 04, 2021

Display Your Graduation Certificate Proudly!

Long nights studying for exams, countless days at the library putting together assignments, stressful group projects and all the incredible friendships you made along the way – getting through your studies all the way to graduation is an amazing achievement.

Unfortunately many of us leave our graduation certificates rolled up or shoved in a drawer where they never see the light of day. But the hard work, sweat and stress of achieving your degree deserves to be acknowledged. Don't leave your certificates hidden in your drawer, display them proudly!

In this post we look at why you should frame your graduation certificate and how to do so in the best way possible. For more information, get in touch with the custom framing experts at Portfolio Picture Framers. Certificate framing is one of our specialisations and we'd love to help you showcase yours!

Reasons to display your graduation certificate

When you have worked hard and achieved something that you're proud of, you deserve to celebrate that. In some cases, displaying your qualifications can communicate your expertise and help clients, customers or patients put their trust in you.

If you aren’t able to display your achievements in your work office, you can hang them up at home instead where they'll remind you of how far you've come and what you can achieve. Here are 4 great reasons to get your graduation certificate framed:

Celebrate your achievements

There's a reason why we have graduation ceremonies, engagement parties and weddings – it's important to celebrate the milestone achievements and mark the start of a new chapter of life. Framing your university degree or TAFE qualification is a great way to mark the occasion and remember all the hard work you put in. It also makes an excellent gift if someone in your life has recently achieved an academic goal.

Protect your certificate

You might think your certificate is safest tucked away in a drawer, but the truth is framing your certificate with a high quality, acid free frame is the best way to protect it. Exposure to things like dust, insects and sunlight can damage the paper, and loose certificates are at risk of getting creased, torn or lost. We recommend making a digital copy of your certificate and then framing the hard copy with UV resistant glass and acid free materials to keep it in great condition for your lifetime.

Remind yourself of where you've come from

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of where we've come from and what we've overcome. A framed degree certificate is a visual reminder that when you've put your mind to something, you achieved it. This can be a great encouragement later in your life when other challenges come up.

Decorate your office

Got an empty office at work? Or a blank wall in your home office? Framed certificates and graduation photos are a great decor option. Not only are they a meaningful reminder of your achievements, they can also add some texture and interest to an otherwise empty space. More ideas about how to decorate with framed certificates below!

What types of certificates should be framed?

There are no rules about which types of certificates should be framed and displayed. If you have a degree or qualification that is important to you whether it's a TAFE qualification, bachelor's degree or Ph.D, your achievements are worth celebrating. At Portfolio Picture Framers, we can help you frame any type of higher education certificate including:

  • Ph.D.
  • Graduate diploma
  • Post graduate certificates
  • Master's degree
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Associate degree
  • Undergraduate degree
  • TAFE qualifications
  • Professional training

Pre-made vs professional custom certificate frames

When framing a certificate, it may be tempting to buy a cheap, pre-made frame from a department store. However, these types of frames are not great quality and may end up damaging your certificate in the long run. 

Most cheap, pre-made frames are made with acidic materials which can discolour the certificate, damaging it and ruining its appearance. These frames are also made with cheap glass that will not protect the certificate from UV rays and fading.

Professional framers like Portfolio Picture Framers use acid free materials, specialised UV resistant glass and high quality wood to ensure your precious items are kept safe for generations to come. Custom certificate frames also allow you to display your certificate in the best way, with colours and designs that not only complement the certificate but also your personal style.

How do you display your degree?

There are many ways to display a certificate. You can keep it classic with a simple black or dark brown wooden frame around the certificate. Alternatively, you can display your favourite graduation photographs alongside the certificate in the same frame.

An elegant gold border around the photographs and certificate is a classy touch. In terms of matt boards, deep and rich colours like maroon, navy blue and forest green are excellent choices.

If you aren't sure what exactly you want to frame or need assistance choosing the right frame style, our friendly framers at Portfolio can help. Just pop into our Myaree studio or give us a call and we can walk you through the different options.

Where is the best spot to display your degree?

There's no right or wrong when it comes to displaying your degree. Many people choose to hang it on their wall at work, others place it on their desk and others choose to lean it on a bookshelf at home. 

Choose a location where it can be easily seen and admired while still blending in harmoniously with the rest of the decor in the room. If you have lots of blank wall space, you could consider framing a number of personal photographs and meaningful artworks and creating a gallery wall, your certificate included.

Looking for a local Perth certificate framer?

Get in touch with the team at Portfolio Picture Framers! We're a local, family owned and operated business with a passion for making the best quality frames for graduation certificates, artwork, memorabilia and so much more. Call us today on (08) 9330 5884.

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