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Ever Searched for Picture Framers Australia?

February 06, 2019

Portfolio Picture Framers Perth

Have you ever searched picture framers Australia and been inundated with choice including paid ads, online shops and large chain stores and think where do I begin? There are also many picture framers in Perth so how do you choose the right one? Do you do another quick search of picture framers perth or do you choose the old fashioned way of the one you drive past every day on the way to work or do you ask your family or friends where they recommend? Whichever option you may use to find a framer, Portfolio Picture Framers ensures that you feel comfortable and 100% satisfied with the decision to trust us with your valuable memories.

Firstly, we are a family owned and operated business which means we take pride in our work and make sure what we present you on collection is to our high standards. If there is even the smallest of imperfections in the moulding, the matting, the glass etc we will replace or repair it so we know you will be 100% satisfied with your frame. We also do not hesitate to fix any issues that you may have with your framing, even if you have taken it home already, hung it on the wall and something is just not quite right.

Picture Framers Australia

We also do not spare any expense when it comes to the best quality materials. We only use acid free materials which means your valuable artwork or item (whether financial or sentimental) will not be discoloured by acid over time and we have a range of glass options from the entry level standard plain glass through to reflection control glass and right up to museum grade UV filtered glass. The level of protection you give your item is completely in your control and obviously your budget.

Portfolio Picture Framers Myaree also aim to display as much of their previous work as possible to give perspective customers a change to see what their item will look like finished. We have a huge online gallery that people can browse through that is filled with artwork, prints, photos, canvases, sports memorabilia items, life memorabilia items including a wedding dress, war medals and even a surfboard that had been attached by a shark! We also have many completed items and samples of mouldings, matting and glass in store so that you can see first hand any item or technique that you may be considering. We always go above and beyond to help alleviate any concerns or indecision before we start work on your precious memories.

We are also very proud of our ever increasing reviews on Google, Facebook and other social media platforms. For us, while only a tiny percentage of our satisfied customers, these are a true testimony of our work and we value each and every review, which is why we take the time to respond to these reviews.

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