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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

July 31, 2020

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again when we take the time to really thank Dad for all his hard work, his sacrifices and for everything he does for us.

Let’s face it though, with the amount our Dad’s do for us, the least we could do is put in a little more thought than underwear or slippers for a gift! We can do better! Which is why we have come up with a list of 5 gifts personalised to your Dad that are GUARANTEED to make him feel special, appreciated and most of all, loved. AND the best part is, the team at Portfolio Picture Framers can take care of all this for you, all you must do is decide WHAT you want to do!

 family picture frame

  1. The Family Photo

Ok, ok this is a little cliché but with a little bit of thought and a little bit of creativity you can jazz up the traditional family photo with a custom picture frame and you can even add a personalised touch. By simply getting your photo custom framed by Portfolio Picture Framers, you can choose a style of frame that Dad will love that you may not necessarily find in large department stores. Plus, if you choose your local, family run picture framers you have the option to personalise your frame.

fathers day family photo frame

For example, we can add a written personalised message on the matboard underneath the photo – something like: “Happy Father’s Day Dad, Love Noah, Amy and Jacob”. Or another example could be a photo of you and your Dad at his favourite Football game, you could frame the photo and include a personalised message like “GO the Eagles!” and we can even incorporate the team’s logos into the frame as well. Or, if you a celebrating your husband’s or partner’s first Father’s Day, you could frame a photo of him and the child and add a personalised message underneath like “Happy 1st Father’s Day Daddy, I love you to the moon and back. Love Harper xxx”

 fathers day picture frame

The best thing about this option is all you have to do is choose that special photo and then come in and see your local family run picture framers and we can help you choose and design the rest of your frame. 

  1. Sporting Memorabilia for the Man Cave

There are three things certain in life. Death, Taxes and Dad wanting something new for the man cave! If Dad loves his Footy, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Car Racing, Horse Racing, Boxing … (I could be here all day, but you get it, the list is endless!) then why not consider getting a piece of memorabilia framed? Portfolio Picture Framers can frame any of your sports memorabilia including jumpers, shirts, jackets, bats, balls, gloves, hats, medals … you name it and we can frame it. We can also coordinate the team colours in the frame and we have a computer mat cutter which allows us to cut a decorative border into the mat around your item, or cut or draw your team name or logo (or anything you like) into the mat. We can also provide Perspex boxes for balls and other 3D items that Dad wants to display but also have access to.

 sports memorabilia - fathers day special

So, if your Dad likes his sport and his memorabilia have a hunt around his wardrobes or shed and see if he has any memorabilia lurking around that he would love to see up on the wall. Alternatively, sporting stores also sell items like team jumpers, shirts and posters that you can purchase and then frame at your local, family owned picture framers team – Portfolio Picture Framers.

fathers day sports memorabilia

  1. Honour Dad’s Achievements or Hobbies

Does Dad always brag about that huge fish he caught down south or the time he got to drive a race car at the speedway? Or maybe he is proud of his academic achievements but just hasn’t had the time or even thought of framing them to display proudly?

sports memorabilia - picture frames on wall

Make Dad’s day by framing the photo of that big fish or speedway day and take him back to that special day and put a smile on his face.

sports certificate frame

Or if Dad has academic certificates that lay in a draw, get them out and get them professionally framed so he can hang them in his office proudly. This type of Father’s Day gift is more than just a present, it shows Dad that you took the time to recognise his achievements and how much you love him. 

  1. Cherish that work of art made especially for Dad

Has your child painted something for Dad that just tugs at the heart strings? Or are or your kids going to make Dad an artwork from your child’s hand or footprints?

work of art photo frame

OR maybe you made your Dad something when you were little that he still absolutely adores?

work of art foot prints - photo frame

If the answer is yes then consider getting your local picture framers to frame these cherished items for Dad to hang in his office, his workshop or somewhere special at home. 

  1. Create a unique personalised word frame

At Portfolio Picture Framers we can create a personalised word frame. These frames are not like your average picture frame.

word art - photo frame

Instead of cutting out a standard rectangular photo window, we cut out your chosen word or name into the matboard, allowing you to place a photo behind each letter! It’s not only a great way to fit in several photos in a relatively small frame but you can also personalise these frames in several ways.

fathers day picture frames

Firstly you can choose whatever word you like – Daddy, Dadda, Pappa, Poppy, Grandad, Grandpa, Nonno, Opa, Pappous, Uncle – you are only limited by your imagination, you have endless frame choices, you can add a personalised message underneath the word AND we have over 300 shapes to choose from (including sports, beer mugs, fishermen etc) to add on either side of your cut-out word to really make it personal to Dad’s likes and interests.

word art - dad photo frame

These unique frames cannot be found in department stores and Dad will be sure to cherish the effort you put into these frames. These frames start from ONLY $25.00 so for more information on these frames contact us and we will provide you will all the details!

One Last Thing – Don’t forget the other special men in our lives this Father’s Day!

We have been talking all about Dad but don’t forget about all the other men in your life that make a difference! All of the gift ideas listed above can be tailored to a Grandfather, an Uncle, a Step-Dad or any person that is a role model in your life or your child’s life that you would like to recognise this Father’s Day.

special person - fathers day photo frame

Just pop in and we can help you with your ideas.

What do I have to do to give Dad a GREAT gift this Father’s Day?

All you have to do is work out what you might like to frame for Dad or that other special man in your life and give us a call or pop into our picture framers perth showroom and we can help you work through your ideas and help to make this Father’s Day something to remember.

We offer free, no obligation consultations and quotes, no appointment necessary, just pop in during our opening times!

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