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Five Ideas for Decorating your Nursery Walls

January 24, 2023

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Whether it's your first little one or giving new life to your nursery that's been used for your little one's older siblings — decorating a nursery is a very exciting time.

Preparing a space with love and care to welcome new life into our lives is such a special experience. So whether you are a Pinterest expert looking for the final touches, or searching for a fresh new theme, this blog will delve into five nursery wall ideas to inspire your bub’s new space.

Safety first

An important note with nursery walls is ensuring that anything hung on walls is secure (it may be time to call in the experts). And regardless of how secure your wall decoration is, always keep the crib away from anything hanging. If the room is large enough to have the cot in the centre, this is a bonus, as away from falling distance from anything on the wall or shelves.

If the room is on the smaller side, then it may be a good idea to keep wall decor on one or two walls, with the cot positioned on the opposite side of your child's nursery. 

Ideas for nursery walls

Personalising your baby's bedroom is easy with  framed artwork and  framed family photos, adding visual interest and sentimental value to your child's room. Consider opting for wall hangings and framed prints that compliment other colours used in your nursery to create consistency. Another great baby nursery idea is to add shelving and greenery, adding style in the simplest way. Even storing your baby's clothes on an open clothes rack can bring style to the room; who doesn't love adorable little mini coathangers on display?

Five fun wall ideas for your nursery

A nursery is a space where you will spend precious time with your little one and where memories will be made. A fantastic way to add sentimental value to this room is by decorating wall spaces with framed prints, photographs or custom canvas art. Below are five options to decorate your space;

  • Mixed gallery wall

gallery wall frames

Creating a picture frame gallery wall for a baby nursery is a fun and personal way to decorate the space. Start by gathering a selection of family photos and art prints that are meaningful to you and fit with the overall aesthetic of the nursery. You can mix and match frame styles and sizes to add interest to the wall. To create a cohesive look, try to stick to a color scheme or choose frames that have a similar finish, such as all being painted white or having a natural wood finish. Once you have all of your frames and artwork ready, plan out the layout of the wall by arranging the frames on the floor or a large table. This will allow you to see how everything will look together and make any necessary adjustments before hanging the frames. When you are happy with the layout, hang the frames on the wall, starting with the center point and working your way out. This will create a visually balanced and cohesive gallery wall that will add warmth and personality to the baby nursery.

  • Create a character-themed print series

Another option is to create a nursery feature wall using framed prints of your favorite book or nursery character. This is a unique and playful way to decorate the space, as these prints can add a pop of colour and charm to the room, as well as provide an opportunity to introduce your child to beloved stories and characters at an early age. To get the most out of these prints, it is worth considering getting them professionally framed by Portfolio Picture Framers. Professional framing ensures that the prints are properly protected and preserved, and can also add a polished and finished look to the wall. In addition to adding visual interest to the wall, a nursery feature wall with professionally framed prints can also be a meaningful and sentimental addition to the space.

  • Create a custom canvas

Using a custom canvas with your baby's name or initial on it to decorate the wall of their nursery is a creative and personalised way to add character to the space. This can be especially meaningful if you have chosen a unique or family name for your baby. Custom canvas prints can be made with any design or text you choose, and are available in a range of sizes to fit the wall space in the nursery. To get the best result, it is important to have the canvas professionally stretched.  Professional canvas stretching involves mounting the canvas print onto a wooden frame, which helps to ensure that the canvas is taut and evenly stretched across the frame. This is important for maintaining the integrity of the canvas and preventing it from sagging or wrinkling over time. A professionally stretched canvas will also hang more evenly on the wall, giving a cleaner and more polished look. Overall, using a custom canvas with your baby's name or initial on it can be a thoughtful and special way to decorate the nursery, and professional canvas stretching will help to ensure that it looks its best for years to come.

  • ABC theme

Decorating a nursery wall with ABC framed art prints is a fun and educational way to add interest to the space. These prints can feature colorful illustrations of objects that correspond to each letter of the alphabet, making them a great way to introduce your child to the letters and their sounds. To get the most out of these prints, it is important to have them professionally framed. Professional framing ensures that the prints are properly protected and preserved, and can also add a polished and finished look to the wall. 

  • Framed cross-stitch piece

Getting a cross stitch piece of art professionally framed for a baby's nursery decor is a great way to add a personal and handmade touch to the space. Cross stitch is a traditional form of embroidery that involves creating a pattern by crossing threads over a fabric grid. It can be a time-consuming and detailed process, and the finished product is often a cherished and sentimental piece of art. Getting a cross stitch piece of art professionally framed for a baby's nursery decor can be a meaningful and special way to add character to the space, and professional framing will help to ensure that the cross stitch piece is fully protected and looks its best for many years to come.

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We hope this blog has helped inspire you when it comes to commencing your nursery room decoration and styling. Regardless of how you decide to decorate your little one's nursery, you want it to feel special, as it will be a space where many precious moments will be shared.

With custom picture frames, you can display art, prints, and photos in a way that complements your space and style. Furthermore, they protect your precious memories and valuable artwork. 

Whether it's photographs, artwork, mirrors, memorabilia or anything else, Portfolio Picture Framers can frame it! Our passion is creating frames that enhance and complement any space, including nurseries.  Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you bring your nursery to life.
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