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Frame Styles For Art

June 14, 2023

Frame Styles For Art

How to Choose the Perfect Frame Style for Your Artwork: A Guide to Matching Art Styles to Custom Frames

Are you an art enthusiast or a home interior addict looking for the perfect frame to suit your newest addition? Selecting the right frame can help to enhance and complement your art piece. But, selecting the right frame can be made more difficult by the overwhelming selection on the market. That’s where we come in, we will help you to navigate the world of frames to find the perfect fit for your piece. 

We are experts in custom framing and can frame just about anything from family portraits, oil paintings, stretched canvases and memorabilia. Different styles of frames can work for different pieces while blending in with your home decor. So with no further ado, let’s find the perfect picture frame for you. 

The importance of custom framing for enhancing and preserving artwork 

Professional framing plays a vital role in preserving and protecting your valuable artwork. Opting for DIY framing or cheap services from non-framing companies can result in immediate damage or future deterioration due to subpar materials. In contrast, professional framing companies have the know-how to protect your artwork during the framing process.


Moreover, working with experts allows you to seek style advice tailored to your frame selection. With our extensive experience in picture framing, we possess the expert eye needed to perfectly match your vision with a stunning frame design.

The different frame styles 

When framing your design, you will notice there is a huge range of different frame styles available. Below we will get into some of the popular options for frame styles and how you can match them to your artwork. 

Classic frame styles 

Ornate gold frames are a classic choice which add a touch of opulence to any artwork.If you are wanting to bring a sense of sophistication for your space, ornate gold frames are a beautiful choice. 

classic style frames

Simple black frames, on the other hand, are a versatile and understated option that can beautifully complement a wide range of artistic pieces, allowing the artwork to take centre stage. Additionally, thin and sleek frames present a modern twist on classic framing, providing a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that effortlessly blends with various art styles. 

Classic frame styles tend to match best with traditional art styles like oil paintings, charcoal artwork, pencil work or clay art. However, these frames will also work for classic family photos, black and white photos and some simple photography images. The classic frame allows for the piece within to stand out, making them the perfect match for traditional art pieces. 

Modern frame styles 

Incorporating modern frames, such as minimalist styles like thin white frames, simple black frames, or floating frames, can beautifully complement contemporary styles. Contemporary art encompasses a wide range of categories, including artistic photography, experimental pieces, and works from modern artists.

modern style frames

By choosing modern frames, you create a harmonious synergy between the artwork and its frame.

Rustic frame styles 

Embrace the charm of rustic frame styles, such as distressed wood frames and weathered frames, which are perfectly suited for showcasing rustic and vintage art styles. Whether you're preserving cherished vintage family portraits or displaying vintage-inspired stretched canvas artworks, opting for rustic frames will beautifully complement your pieces.

frames with matting

The warmth and character of distressed wood frames add an authentic touch that harmonises flawlessly with your vintage art.

Choosing frame colours to complement your artwork 

If your art piece doesn’t fall into the above categories or you are still looking for the right picture frame for your design, let’s talk frame colours. Picking the right picture frame colour for your piece can make a big difference in the presentation and finish of your design. 

Match the dominant colour 

One popular and effective strategy for selecting the perfect frame is to match its colour to the most dominant shade in your artwork. This method creates a cohesive and harmonious appearance. However, it's crucial to avoid exact colour matching with the background colour. When opting for an exact match, the design may blend into the frame, causing it to lose its distinctiveness. If you're creating a gallery wall with multiple frames and prefer not to change the frame colour for each artwork, it might be best to skip this tip. Instead, explore the tips below for alternative approaches to frame selection.

Contrast with the artwork 

Another option for your framing project is to contrast your design with a different coloured frame.

artwork frames

For example, you may consider a dark frame for a lighter design. This method is a good choice to help make your artwork pop and is particularly effective in larger frames. 

Match a secondary or favourite colour 

If your artwork has a secondary colour or even just a favourite shade that you are wanting to highlight, you can do this by selecting a frame to match the shade you are hoping to highlight. This approach helps highlight the more subtle aspects of your design, while still creating a coherent visual effect. 

Consider the matting 

Choosing the right matting can help to create a coherent overall finish. Expert framers like Portfolio Picture Framers can help you to match the perfect matting options for your piece. Usually, the mat will either match or be slightly lighter than the lightest shade in your piece and then the frame should be slightly darker. 

matting and framing perth

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Take your home decor into consideration 

When it comes to styling your artwork, it's important to consider your home decor and personal taste. While these tips provide valuable guidance, remember that you have a unique understanding of your living space. Take into account the overall aesthetics and design elements of your interiors when making framing choices. By doing so, you ensure that the selected frames harmonise with your existing decor, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing atmosphere that reflects your personal style.

Reach out to the professionals 

If you're in search of a trustworthy custom framing company, look no further than Portfolio Picture Framers. Whether you need expert advice on framing your precious artwork or desire a comprehensive service that handles your framing project from start to finish, our team is dedicated to providing the assistance you require. With our expertise and commitment, we are here to guide you every step of the way and ensure your framing needs are met with utmost professionalism and care. Contact us today if you are in need of a professional artwork framing or canvas stretching services.
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