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Framed Wall Art to Add Charm to Your Home

June 09, 2021

framed art

Whatever style of home decor you prefer, most interior designers will tell you that framed wall art is a must. Whether it's a painting, a line drawing or a photograph, framed artwork has the ability to tell a story, convey a mood and show off your personality.

When choosing a piece of art for your home, it should be harmonious with the overall feel of your home and your existing decor style. Whether you have a minimalist Scandi style home or an eclectic Bohemian style, choosing the right type of art and frame can make all the difference.

Here's your guide to choosing framed wall art for the top interior design styles!


Nordic style interiors (aka Scandi or Scandinavian) play with form and function. They are clean, simple and minimal. The colour palette tends to be soft and natural, using lots of creams, tans and natural wood tones. Elements in a Scandi home have lots of space to breathe, creating an inviting and calm atmosphere.

The best types of wall art for Scandi homes include:

  • Line drawings, including figure drawings
  • Geometric prints
  • Three toned paintings or prints
  • Simple black and white photographs


The Hamptons style is very popular in Australia. It is light, bright and relaxed, using colours such as white, light blues and mint green. Homes decorated in the Hamptons style tend to have a carefree, coastal vibe that feels welcoming and spacious. Natural fabrics and wooden elements are often used to provide texture.

Hamptons wall art ideas to add to your wish list include:

  • Coastal themed prints
  • Blue and white floral prints
  • Ocean landscapes
  • Abstract canvas wall art

Mid-Century Modern

The Mid-Century Modern style takes its inspiration from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. It’s sleek, warm and understated. The style pairs traditional elements with modern elements, often playing with contrasting fabrics, colours and textures. Warm wooden picture frames would work well in a mid century modern home.

Framed art styles that suit Mid-Century homes include:

  • Abstract art prints with warm colours
  • Vintage posters
  • Black and white portraits
  • Patterned or textured artwork


Industrial interior design is inspired by factories, machines and functional spaces. Materials like concrete, leather and metal create a coldness that is balanced by warm wooden materials and organic elements. Industrial style homes give off a sophisticated, functional and spacious feel.

Artwork that would work well in an Industrial style home includes:

  • Abstract art with colours like black, orange, red and brown
  • Cityscape photography
  • Maps and blueprints
  • Framed prints of ships, trains, airplanes etc.


Glam interior design gives off a sense of luxury and elegance. Materials that shine, sparkle or glitter are often used. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are popular, as well as boldly designed furniture. Decor elements (including framed art) in a Glam style home should catch the eye and make a statement.

Types of artwork for a Glam home:

  • Large statement art prints
  • Mirrors with decadent frames
  • Bold framed canvas art
  • Large scale portraits of a muse


The Bohemian or Boho interior style has its roots in the 1970s. It is colourful, eclectic and playful. Natural and organic materials are layered together to create an exotic and relaxed feel. Rattan, bamboo and other pale woods are popular as are brighter colours and busy patterns.

Types of framed art that work well in a Boho home include:

  • Vibrant canvas prints
  • Textiles and embroidery
  • Eclectic gallery walls
  • Wall mirrors with unique frames

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse interior style combines the cozy aesthetic of traditional farmhouses with the chic flavour of modern style. You will find lots of natural elements like wood and wool as well as natural colours like blue, brown and cream. It's a good balance between elegance and cozy warmth.

Artwork styles that work well with the Modern Farmhouse include:

  • Nature inspired prints
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Canvas wall art
  • Landscape oil paintings

French Provincial

The French Provincial style is classy and timeless, drawing inspiration from sophisticated living in the countryside of France. Provincial homes often have raw and rustic elements, such as wooden floors and exposed timber beams. These contrast well with classy elements such as gold picture frames, marble bench tops and wrought iron accents.

Artwork types that look great in a French Provincial style home include:

  • Framed maps and charts
  • Antique oil paintings
  • Sophisticated floral prints
  • Mirrors with golden frames

For the best results, get your artwork custom framed

Choosing the right artwork for your home takes careful thought – it should be the same for the frame you put it in. The right frame will show off the artwork in the best light and make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Custom frames are designed and made for the specific artwork. This allows you to make the best choice about which materials, colours and matting styles you want. With more control over the final look, you can make sure your framed wall art suits the room which you are going to hang it in.

Protect your artwork with a custom frame

It's important that you protect your precious artwork so that it stays in great condition for longer and the best way to do so is with a custom frame. 

Custom framers such as Portfolio Picture Framers use acid free materials and UV resistant glass to protect your precious artwork from sunlight, dust, insects and any other things that could damage it.

If you're looking for a custom picture framer in Perth, get in touch with us at Portfolio Picture Framers and our friendly team will take care of you. 

Call us today on (08) 9330 5884 or come into our Myaree studio to discuss your options.

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