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Hallway Gallery Ideas | Portfolio Picture Framers

December 16, 2022

Hallway Gallery Ideas | Portfolio Picture Framers

Have you just purchased a new home and have spent months saving gallery wall ideas from Pinterest? Or you have been in your space for a while but want to find a stylish way to display your family photos across your hallway? Or is it simply time to do something new and freshen up your space with some of your favourite photos? You are in the right place, no matter why you are looking for photo wall ideas.

If you have an empty hallway ready for a makeover to help create visual interest as you walk into your home and proudly display family photographs of precious memories. Then we will help you create the best gallery wall full of personal photos to turn your blank wall into a work of art.

Let's Talk Hallways

Hallways. They are the first thing we see at home after a long day and the last thing we see when we leave. A visitor walks into your home and immediately notices the style of your house via the entranceway.

Decorating hallways can be a challenge. Awkward layouts and limited space can make it difficult to impress with your hallway. The good news is that it doesn't have to be complicated. You can transform your hallway into an inviting and warm entryway by making a few simple changes.

Whether you prefer a minimalist style or a loud colour palette or want to replicate a modern gallery wall, an eye-catching hallway gallery is an easy way to create an accent wall that suits every home. Let's jump into our top tips for creating the perfect hallway gallery for your space and help you to be inspired by our gallery wall ideas.

  • Open up the space by adding a mirror

Who doesn't love a mirror? Especially when it plays an instrumental role in opening up your space and lessening the cramped feeling that hallways can produce. Adding a large framed mirror can quickly and simply add depth to small spaces. This works because mirrors reflect light and create an illusion of a larger, more spacious area. Opening up your space is always a good idea, which means adding a mirror to your picture wall is a wise idea whether you are planning a smaller gallery wall or decorating a long hallway. To avoid cluttered space, make sure your mirror blends in with the rest of your hallway decor. By opting for custom framing, you can ensure your mirror harmonises effortlessly with your existing style.

Top tip: Try placing your mirror where it can catch some natural light.

custom mirror frame perth
  •  Fill the space with coherent prints!

With so many online websites for finding the perfect prints to fill out your entryway, what are you waiting for? Instead of having your front door open up to a blank wall, create visual interest and a sense of intrigue with a framed artwork wall. If family photos aren't your forte, filling the space with artwork is a great way to create warmth and a homely feeling. Make sure to keep the colours consistent to create a streamlined look.

If you have a large space, experiment with larger pieces, whether framed or by using stretched canvas. Consider grouping small framed artwork that complements each other on a small wall space. A mini gallery can give an otherwise bare wall a beautiful touch.

Top tip:Work with what you have; use smaller sizes for smaller spaces and larger pieces for larger spaces

  • Create a space that inspires you

As your hallway is the last thing you see before you head out for the day and the first thing you see on your arrival home — take the time to create a visual that inspires you. Whether you opt for an inspirational quote printed in a stylish colour palette or a picture of somebody you love, adding something that inspires you is a thoughtful way to make the space yours. Getting meaningful words or a special photo professionally framed is a great way to create a space that inspires you and looks good doing it.

  • Make it personal

Whether you opt for family photos from momentous occasions or simple snaps that you took on one of your favourite holidays, add some personality to your space. A home is a place that celebrates all things YOU, so invite parts of you into your space by blending personal photos in with your prints. These personal touches will give your home a warm and welcoming feel.

Top tip: Go through your camera roll — you never know what gem is hidden away from the world.

  • Consider painting your hallway walls a feature shade

Create a powerful juxtaposition by painting your walls a contrasting shade to your frames. If you opt for all-black frames, stick to a bright white wall so they will stand out against the background. If you want to take a fresh take, consider painting your walls a darker shade, like moss green and lining them with white frames. Make a statement gallery wall design by hanging your matching frames in a fun way by complementing them with a refreshing background shade.

gallery picture frames perth

  • Pull up a chair

If there's space for it within your space, add a bench chair underneath your hallway wall art. Your guests can take a moment to take in the entire wall, or you can find a place to sit down and take a moment to yourself before entering the hustle and bustle of your household. Plus, if you have decided to cover your entire wall space, then the bench allows you to take in the photo frames that aren't located at eye level.

Framing art or photos for your hallway? Choose custom picture frames.

However you want to decorate your hallway, you want it to be a space that feels like you. Custom picture frames are the best way to display art, prints and photos because they're specially designed to complement your space and your style. Moreover, they'll keep your precious memories and valuable art pieces safe.

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we create high-quality frames for photos, artwork, mirrors, memorabilia and more! Creating frames that complement and enhance any space, including hallways, is what we love to do as your go-to picture framers inMyaree! Discover how we can create custom frames you'll love by connecting with us today. 

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