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How A Framed Picture Can Transform Your Space

February 10, 2021

How A Framed Picture Can Transform Your Space

One of the most successful ways to transform a space, whether it be a lounge room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a hallway or even an office, is using a framed picture or several picture frames

Not only does a framed picture bring your chosen space to life but it can also set the mood of the room and bring the style of your décor and furniture together. How you choose what you will display and how you will display it is very important so we have put together some ideas of different ways you can use framed pictures to transform your space.

Large Statement Frame

Imagine walking into the entry of a newly built or renovated home. As you walk in there is a large artwork hanging in the entry that immediately catches your eye and gives you a feeling of what is to come in the rest of the house. 

This is called a statement piece. An artwork or photograph that stops you in your tracks and makes you admire it can take a lifeless and otherwise bland room and transform it into a work of art. 

Large statement frames can work in any room of your home from spacious lounge rooms and cosy bedrooms to outdoor entertainment areas and even bathrooms! 

For example, you could display:

  • a Marilyn Monroe photo in a powder room or bathroom
  • a large colourful abstract print to brighten an otherwise dull and lifeless lounge room
  • a panorama of your favourite city or landscape over the bed in the master bedroom
  • a pair of black and white line prints above the table in the dining room
  • a large photo of a tropical beach under your patio or alfresco

Family photographs also work well as large statement frames as it creates a unique artwork that you can cherish every day, but above all else it makes your house a home.

How To Style A Statement Frame

framed picture perth

Although there’s no hard and fast rules about how to display a statement framed artwork, there are definitely some tips that can help you make sure it gets the attention it deserves. 

Start by picking the right frame for your artwork. A statement frame should complement the piece of art and make it stand out. You’ll want to avoid frames that overwhelm the artwork and steal all the attention. Also consider the decor and style of your home when choosing your statement frame.

Next, consider your matting options. Some posters may look fantastic without a mat, but most artworks are best displayed with some matting. Simple white mat boards almost always do the trick, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colour if you want to make a bolder statement.

Not sure if one massive statement frame will look good in your space? Consider hanging a pair of large frames together with art that matches or compliments each other. This can work particularly well above a bed head or couch. 

Finally, think about how your statement frame pairs with the rest of your room. If you have a bold colour in the artwork, think about adding elements of this colour in other decor items. If your artwork is busy and loud, consider decorating with more simple items for a pleasing contrast. 

Gallery Walls

Gallery Walls have been extremely popular with homeowners for a long time now simply because of the flexibility to display more than one art piece or photo. Gallery walls instantly add life to a room by transforming a bare and lifeless wall into an exhibition of art. 

If done correctly gallery walls can tell a story about the homeowners’ taste and lifestyle or tell their unique family story. There are several ways to create a gallery wall and the best place to start is to decide what space you want to use. 

Then consider whether you would like a perfectly symmetrical layout or a more random format. For example would you like a square gallery wall made up of four rows and four columns with all square photos for the perfectly symmetrical look or would you like to see a random pattern with all different shapes and sizes of photos and frames? 

There is no right or wrong answer here and it all comes down to your personal taste and style. After all, it is your space that you are decorating. 

The key is, especially if you are choosing a more random pattern, is to keep a consistent colour of frame so the space does not become too busy. Choosing pieces of décor in the same colour as the frame to place around the room will also help accentuate the gallery wall and make the room pop.

How To Style A Gallery Wall

picture gallery framing perth

Many people love the idea of a gallery wall but quickly give up since choosing the layout of a gallery wall is probably the hardest and most daunting part of the process. However, it can be a relatively simple process by answering a few simple key questions. 

Firstly, how many photos or pieces of art do you want to display? Would you prefer three or four larger pieces that tell a story? Or would you prefer smaller photos or artwork and have thirty, forty or even fifty frames? 

Next, you need to decide whether you would like a symmetrical pattern or a more random design. The effect can be dramatically different, so it’s worth sketching or visualising the final result before you start hanging frames. You can also cut out paper rectangles the size of your frames to help you plan the layout.

Once you have these questions answered we highly recommend searching on Pinterest for gallery wall designs which will make designing your layout a remarkably simple process! 

What type of artwork is right for me?

Deciding on what type or style of artwork to display really comes down to your personal style and taste. 

If you are looking for something to brighten a room, consider a large colourful abstract painting. The best thing about an abstract piece is that it works well with any décor or style you may already have in the room. 

However, if abstract artwork is not your style, you could try finding a bright artwork of one of your interests or favourite places in the world. For example, if you like gardening, look for a bright artwork of a garden or flowers, or if you love Paris, look for a bright artwork of the Eiffel Tower or a French Patisserie. 

If you have a more rustic or industrial style in your home, black and white artworks with a rugged theme look fantastic mixed with dark furniture and rustic or industrial décor splashed around the room. Just make sure you are placing this style in a bright room, as placing black and white artwork or photos in an already dull or dimly lit room can dull it even further.

Displaying Family Photos & Holiday Photos

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When choosing artwork for your home, do not forget your family photos or photos taken on holidays. Go through your camera rolls or go back through your last family photo session. You will be surprised at the photos you actually have and how fantastic they could look in your home and how well they can transform your space with the perfect custom picture frame.

A perfect example of this is my last holiday to New York City. On my to-do list was to visit the LOVE sculpture, which we did! I stood patiently for ten to fifteen minutes trying to get a photo of the sculpture without anyone walking in front of it. Finally, I got a few shots and thought that will do, lets go. 

Not thinking they were anything fantastic, it was months later when I was looking for an artwork for my living room that someone suggested I go through my New York photos to see if I had any good shots of the city. To my surprise I stumbled over these LOVE photos. Once I looked closely at the photo, I noticed I had captured it on a perfect angle, I had a Macy’s truck in the background and a NYC Taxi Cab waiting at the lights! 

This photo was taken on my little point and shoot pocket camera (this was well before smartphones became so popular), so nothing special, and this enlarged and custom framed photo now proudly hangs in my living room for myself and my husband to cherish every day. 

So, the moral of the story is do not discount what is hiding on your old cameras or your smartphone. Spend the time to go through your memories and make them a unique work of art to transform your house into a home!

Be Creative With Your Frames

If you are really looking to make a statement out of an artwork, there are several picture framers tricks that you can use to enhance the look of your artwork or photo. 

Picture Framers have a variety of stock that is very different to your store-bought ready-made frames. Apart from having a huge range of frames colours and styles to choose from you could choose to add a textured matboard to your frame including suede or woven matboards. 

Alternatively, you may like to add a fillet frame to your artwork which is a thin frame that sits between the artwork and the matboard, essentially creating a frame within a frame for a more dramatic effect. 

You may also like to consider ‘stacking’ frames which is where you choose two or even three frames to stack into each other, essentially putting a frame around a frame to enhance the artwork where matboards cannot be used or do not work with the artwork. 

Another alternative to consider, and this works especially well on abstract prints, is to ask your picture framer to brushstroke your print. This process is where the print is stuck down onto a backing and a lacquer is applied over the print, carefully following the brushstrokes of the print. Once dried it looks like an original oil painting and there is no need for glass!

Bring Your Walls To Life

So, if you have a bare and uninviting space in your home that could be transformed by using a framed picture, consider what you would like to see in that space and come and speak to Travis or Natasha at Portfolio Picture Framers

We can help you design the perfect custom frame for your artwork or photo to transform your space from dull and uninviting to a piece of art that catches your eye every time you pass it.

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