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How Custom Frames Open Up A Room

July 30, 2020

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Using custom frames to shape a room can be a very clever and relatively inexpensive way to add character, style and life to an otherwise bare wall or lifeless room. Using a piece of artwork, a photo, a mirror or a framed 3D item can change a room in many different ways which are all explored below, so read on to see how you can add to your home and living spaces by simply using a frame.


Add life to your bare walls

Have you ever realised that you don’t really notice bare walls in your house until you find the perfect frame to decorate it with? Suddenly you feel life in your room that was otherwise quite boring and you have a focal point to admire. Take this situation as an example. Imagine you enter a friend’s home for the first time. The entry is bland, stark and just an ordinary entry to a house. It’s that uninteresting you barely remember anything about it. Now imagine you entered this house for the first time with one added component – a framed photo. The entry now has a large, professionally framed family photo of the people that live in the house. It takes pride of place on the wall in the entry, immediately as you walk in. Now you definitely take notice of this photo. Why? Because it is the focal point in the room, it’s given life to an otherwise plain and bare wall and it adds a personal and homely touch that makes this house feel like your friend’s home. Through one simple framed photo, a bare, uninteresting, and forgettable room has instantly breathed some life that is memorable to everyone that walks in it.


Draw attention to a particular area of a room

Framed art is a perfect way to draw attention to a particular area of a room or even away from a particular space. For example, you may have an open plan living area that has the kitchen, living room and dining room all in one. Your kitchen maybe state of the art and tends to be the feature of all three rooms, even though you want each room to have their own feature. By placing framed artwork in the living area and dining area that reflects your style or family photos that are personal to you, you are instantly diverting some of the attention away from the fancy kitchen and onto other areas in the room. Alternatively, you may have a spot in your living room that looks out onto the neighbours unsightly garden or patio and it’s the first thing you notice when you walk into the room unless the blinds are closed. An idea to divert attention away from this area is to find a place opposite to the neighbours and used a custom piece of art, a framed photo or a piece of memorabilia to divert attention away from the unsightly mess and starts a conversation about the art or photo and how it is important to you.


Make a room feel bigger

Do you have a room at home, be it a bedroom, a living room or a hallway that you just wish was that little bit bigger or even just felt a little bigger? By strategically hanging a framed mirror you can instantly make a room feel bigger. Use a focal point in the room or choose a spot in the room that reflects the longest wall and place your mirror opposite this point to give an illusion of depth in the room, therefore making the room feel larger. You can also use framed mirrors to reflect natural and artificial light to make the room brighter and therefore larger.


Add character or your own sense of style

Custom frames are the perfect way to add character to a room and show people your sense of style. With the abundance of photos and artworks available online, you are only a few clicks away to giving your room its own style. For example, you may love a particular place in the world, lets take New York. You also may love a very industrial and rustic look in your home. You have the industrial style furniture, but it just doesn’t seem enough to really reflect the sense of style you are aiming for. By adding some black and white photos of New York with an industrial premise (think subway photos, close up photos of the beams on Brooklyn Bridge, a taxi cab in front of old brownstone buildings with fire escape ladders etc) you have instantly added a New York element to your styling but also enhancing the industrial theme and therefore tying the room together to give it a definite and precise sense of style and character. Something that would not have been achieved without the custom framed pieces of art.



Make your house feel like a home

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and feel like they are just “living” there? What I mean by this is, this could be anybody’s home, a stranger even, because there is nothing in the house that defines who lives there. There is just a house with furniture. However, if you added some personal touches like a standalone framed family photo at the entrance, a gallery wall of family photos in the living area, a home office containing framed professional achievements or even a playroom or games room with framed life memorabilia (ie your wedding bouquet, your child’s plaster hand and feet moulds from when they were a baby, your child’s first footy jumper or ballet shoes or even your grandparents historical items like war medals). Suddenly this house becomes a home by simply creating a personal feel through the items placed in custom frames and displayed for everyone to admire.


So next time you are at home wondering how you can make it more interesting, draw attention to certain areas, make it feel bigger, give it more of your own style or make it more homely, stare at your walls and consider framing your photos, a favourite artwork or even an item that is important to you. You will be amazed at the difference a frame can make to a room and the best part is you get to enjoy that photo, artwork or special item every time you pass it!

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