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How much does canvas framing cost?

October 29, 2019

canvas framing cost

There are a few different ways to ‘frame’ a canvas and the costs differ significantly depending on what look you are after. However, to obtain a quote for the cost to frame a canvas is relatively easy as there are not many factors involved but you do need to have an idea of what look you are after.

So, the first way to ‘frame’ a canvas is what is called a stretcher bar. This is a wooden frame that is made to sit underneath the canvas and the canvas is stretched over the wooden frame, essentially giving the canvas a frameless look. This is a very simplistic but popular method to frame a canvas and is a relatively economical option. It is very popular with canvases purchased on overseas holidays like Bali or Phuket. The cost to get a canvas stretched over a stretcher bar will depend solely on the size of the canvas, so if you have a rolled up canvas at home that you want to display on the wall, get it out, roll it out and get measuring! Send an enquiry with the sizing to Portfolio Picture Framers and we can quote this via email.

It is important to note that whilst canvas stretching pricing is based solely on the size of the canvas, pricing can differ between picture framers due to the quality of the stretcher bar that is used. At Portfolio Picture Framers, all canvases stretched by us are stretched to art gallery standards using the best quality materials available. Our stretcher bars are of premium quality and we select the correct bar for the size of the canvas so your canvas will not bow or warp. We also do not need to use any bracing support at the back, given the strength of our stretcher bars and the fact the correct bar has been used. Unfortunately, there are some framers that use cheaper, inferior bars that are not strong enough for the size of the canvas and after a while the canvas can bow or warp which means you would need to get the stretching done again on a stronger stretcher bar. If the correct size stretcher bar is used, it should last a lifetime without any bowing or warping.

The second way to ‘frame’ a canvas is just an extension of the first method of canvas stretching. Once the canvas is stretched you have the option of adding your choice of canvas frames around the outside. This could range from a standard frame to what is called an L Bar which is a frame that essentially looks like a L and sits on the outside edge of the canvas and wraps around the back of the canvas. With a standard frame, it is best to try and choose a frame that has depth to it, so it covers the side of the canvas and it gives you a nice clean finish of frame edging rather that the stretcher bar poking out from behind the frame. The advantage of choosing a regular frame over an L Bar is that you have more choice than the L Bar range in regard to colours and also styles of frames including the wider frames, patterned, plain, rustic or modern. With L Bar frames, styles between options are usually similar with a narrow frame at the front, usually 10 to 20 millimetres with little to no pattern. They are usually quite plain and come in a standard range of colours including black, white, metallics, raw woods and stained timbers. However, L Bars are specifically designed for canvases and are very effective at adding a stylish frame to a canvas by giving it a touch of class and elegance in a very simplistic way so it does not take over the artwork or photo.  Pricing for a standard frame or L Bar for a canvas is based on the size of the canvas and the frame that you choose. Estimates can be given via email, but for a firm quote it is best to book a free no obligation consultation with Portfolio Picture Framers, where we can discuss and show you all options for canvas frames and give you a firm price.

There is also an alternative to frame a canvas if it stretching the canvas is not an option, usually because of a lack of ‘extra’ canvas around the outside to wrap around the stretcher bar, or it could be a lesser quality canvas that has a tear or is likely to tear during the stretching process. With this technique, the canvas is stuck down onto foam core and then you can choose a frame to place around the outside. It should be noted that this technique is only used by Portfolio Picture Framers if all other methods are not an option, or you specifically request it.

If you would like a no obligation quote or consultation regarding your canvas frame, please contact us or visit us at our showroom. We would be more than happy to discuss your options with you, show you our huge frame range and answer any questions you may have.

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