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How to Choose Custom Framed Mirrors for Your Home

December 02, 2019

custom framed mirrors

When you have a bare wall in your home you quickly realise that you need something to fill the space and usually that results in an artwork or a photo. However, it is always a good idea to consider custom framed mirrors for you home as they are a simple yet elegant and stylish way to dress up a space. Plus, a mirror not only serves as a functional item in you home, especially in the bathroom or a bedroom, but it is a great way to create the impression of more space in a room due to the reflections. However the key to making a mirror work in a room comes down to four key factors which are outlined below.


  1. Choose the right style for your room

When trying to choose the right mirror for your room, it is important to start in the room itself. Take a look around at the rest of your décor items and think about what style of mirror will match the room. Does your room have a modern and contemporary feel that would require a plain, sleek finish frame or is it an older style room where a rustic ornate frame would suit? Once you have taken this into consideration your options will be narrowed down and your search for the perfect frame for your mirror will be a great deal easier. If you are considering a few different looks and options, it is always a great idea to take some photos of the room so we can help you out in-store with some design options.


  1. Choose a size

It is very important to have a size in mind before shopping for custom framed mirrors. Consider the space that you have chosen for the mirror and where you would like the mirror to hang. For example, if you are wanting a mirror to hang over a dressing table, decide whether you want the width of the mirror to be the exact size of the dressing table or a little smaller. Alternatively, if you are wanting a full length mirror to check your outfit from head to toe every morning, work out your desired height by marking the wall where you would like it to go. In addition, it is always important when working out the size to make sure the size of the mirror suits the room and it doesn’t look like you have forced it into the space. One of the main benefits of getting a custom mirror made is that it will be made to your specifications so planning the size is vitally important to make the mirror look like to belongs in the space rather than it was forced into the space.


  1. Consider the lighting in the room

Given that mirrors reflect light, it’s essential to consider the changing light in the room throughout the day. It’s a good idea to position your mirror where it will not receive too much direct sunlight so that you do not have to deal with strong, bright reflections in areas of the room. For example, you have the perfect spot for a mirror in a family room or lounge room. It fantastic in the morning but come late afternoon when the sun starts to set you may be faced with strong reflections that stop you ability to watch the television or it may reflect light into your eyes while you are sitting at the dinner table.


  1. Consider using more than one mirror

When considering the idea of using more than one mirror you must first look at your reasoning for wanting the mirror in the first place. If you are wanting a mirror for your bathroom vanity for grooming or a mirror to check out an outfit before leaving for work, then one mirror is the best option for you. However, if you are getting a mirror for a decorative and stylish touch to your room then considering the use of more than one mirror is a must. Options include using two or three smaller mirrors in a line instead of one long one can add a nice touch to a long space. Alternatively you could create a “gallery wall” mirrors with differing sizes and frames that will create a showpiece for your will and double up as an interesting collage for your room.


Visit Portfolio Picture Framers for your perfect mirror

Whether your home is contemporary, classical, beachy or ultra-modern there is a frame style that will suit your mirror at Portfolio Picture Framers. If you are looking for the perfectly styled mirror, visit us for a free consultation and bring along any ideas or photos of your space that you may have, and we can work with you to create the perfect mirror. We can supply the mirror for you, or you can re-use an old mirror you have at home, the choice is yours.

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