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How To Decorate a Dead Corner

January 10, 2023

photo frames to decorate a dead corner

Corner Decoration Ideas - Make Those Empty Spaces Fun With Framing

Decorating a home is an exciting experience, bringing your design ideas to life and creating a space that you and your loved ones can enjoy. Usually when decorating a home, large spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms are focused on. For many of us room corners are often neglected areas of our homes, as they can be small and tricky to style.

But don't let the challenge stop you from creating something unique in these empty corners. Whether it be a corner of your living room, a neglected bedroom corner, or home office — we all have awkward corners in our homes. But these bare corners don't have to feel like dead space. They can be given new life as an eye catching focal point or as finishing touch to the room. This blog will discuss corner decoration ideas, and how to display your favourite  framed photos and prints in these spaces.

With no further ado, let's turn that unused corner into something unique with our styling tips.

Keep it consistent

Decorating your blank corners isn't usually the time to take a risk and steer away from the style of the rest of your home. Instead, decorate your unused corner spaces with the same colour scheme and style as the room it lies in. This goes for furniture choices, decor, and the framed prints on the wall. By keeping the colour scheme and style consistent, you create a seamless, put-together feel in your home, and your corner space won't look jarring. 

Illuminated feature corner

A feature wall doesn't need to be reserved for large wall spaces and hallways. A corner is an ideal space to create a small reading nook, or place a cosy armchair. On the connecting walls you can scatter framed photos, wall art or prints to add visual interest to the space. You could frame your favorite art or literary quotes, or photos of your loved ones. 

Pop a standing lamp in the corner to illuminate your beautiful feature corner, and as a light source for those late night reading sessions. That awkward corner will now be transformed into a space you will actually want to spend time in.

framed art

Create a small gallery space

If you have a small corner in your home to which you want to give some new life, creating a gallery wall spanning across the corner with small frames is a great way to add visual interest to a lackluster space. Whether you opt for framed wall art in a specific colour scheme to bring consistency to your home or create a family photo gallery that showcases many of your favourite memories — adding a collection of frames is an effective way to bring life to a blank corner.

framed pictures gallery wall

Add floating shelves

Floating shelves are the perfect solution for a bare corner. By adding corner shelves, you create extra room to place other home decor items, such as indoor plants, family photos or framed prints. Floating shelves come in various shades, so you can add a splash of colour, or keep it simple depending on your preferences. 

Create a corner desk area 

A small desk with a table lamp is the perfect place to study, work, or read, and is a practical use of your extra space. If the floor space within your corner space is limited, you can find a smaller corner desk that will fit into the space. If a desk isn't an option, a small table with a table lamp and a stack of magazines or books can still create a stylish solution to your free corner space. A desk is also a fantastic space to display your  framed graduation certificate, or a wholesome photo of you and your pet. 

Create a botanical oasis

If the corner space you have in mind is a little too cramped to place furniture, why not use the free wall space to hang a plant from the roof? A hanging plant brings a feeling of freshness to your home and becomes a focal point of the room. Stick with that green theme by adding some framed botanical prints on the walls behind your feature plant.

Create the illusion of more space with a framed mirror

Mirrors can instantly make a small space appear larger if you have a small space. A  framed mirror placed in a corner can give the illusion of more space, break up clutter and help reflect light around the room. Plus, who doesn't love the opportunity to snap an Instagram pic or two?

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We hope this blog has given you the inspiration to fill in your blank corners and dead spaces of your home. No matter how you decorate your corners, it is a great opportunity to add a touch of personality and style to an otherwise unused space. 

Whether you want to frame a single art print or multiple family photos to style your corner, at Portfolio Picture Framers we can help. Our experienced team of professional framers have the capabilities to frame artwork, mirrors, graduation certificates,  memorabilia and more.  Reach out to usto kick start your corner space transformation today!

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