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How To Decorate a Dead Corner

September 22, 2020

photo frames to decorate a dead corner

We all have an awkward corner or two in our homes. You know, the empty corner or entry way that feels like dead space. Or the bare open wall that sticks out like a sore thumb. 

The good news is, these spaces can actually become attractive focal points or the perfect finishing touch for your room. All you need to know is how to decorate them. Don’t let the emptiness put you off. Styling a corner can actually be a fun, creative exercise. 

Ready to turn your dead corner into a vibrant, attractive nook? Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

  • Make Your Walls Pop With Framed Art
  • There’s nothing quite so unnerving as a blank wall staring at you. The best way to add some warmth and character is by framing artwork and photographs that speak to you. Even one piece can transform the corner. 

    framed art


    There are so many things you can put in custom picture frames. Photos of special places, family portraits and eye-catching art are always a win. If you’re feeling a little creative, you could also consider framing pretty fabric, maps, puzzles or souvenirs! Mix and match pieces to add texture.

  • Create Interest With a Gallery Wall
  • Keen on hanging framed art but can’t decide on just one piece? You can create a stunning gallery wall with a dozen of your favourites! Gallery walls are on trend right now. With a little planning, they’re a great way to add texture and personality to a bland corner. 

    framed pictures gallery wall

    When it comes to gallery walls, a little planning goes a long way. Work out where you want each piece to go by first cutting out paper rectangles the same size as your frames. Practice arranging the pieces in your corner until you have the perfect look. Pro tip: align the frames by their centres rather than the top or bottom edge of the frames.

  • Increase Your Storage Space
  • Most of us could do with a little more storage space, so why not pick an attractive piece of furniture to bring your corner to life? Corners are often the perfect size for small drawers, shelves and cupboards. What’s really great about short furniture is that it lets you create layers to draw the eye up.

    A set of wooden drawers in a corner might not hit the mark, but place a large framed print of the ocean on top - you’ve got a feature corner! Add a candle or two, or some vintage ceramics for character.

  • Shelve It Up!
  • Shelves are a great way to bring any space to life. Shelves come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be custom-made to fit perfectly in your corner. If you can’t find something that’ll fit in your corner - make it! 

    custom picture framers


    Create layers on your shelves by adding framed art, books, plants and sculptures. Mix and match sizes, shapes and textures for an attractive effect. Whether you want something minimal or an eye catching feature piece, shelving is a really versatile way to improve any corner.

  • Bring Out Your Inner Gardener
  • What better way to bring a space to life than introduce life, literally! Plants add an excellent pop of colour and texture that can transform any nook. Look for plants that will complement your space. Whether you go for a large fiddle leaf on the floor, an ivy drooping from a shelf, or a delicate maiden hair fern on a stool, you can have fun decorating with plants. 

    framed art work

    If you want to bring more nature into your home, consider hanging framed botanical prints. Or to get the kids involved, press flowers and leaves from your garden and frame them to create unique wall art. 

  • Open Up the Space With Mirrors
  • Sometimes awkward corners can make your room look small and cramped. A quick and effective way to open the space up is by adding a custom mirror. Make the mirror your own and get it professionally framed. The right frame will make all the difference, helping you tie your corner in with the rest of the room. 

    custom bedroom mirror

    Mirrors make great feature wall hangings, but they also work well as one piece within a gallery wall. Small mirrors can be displayed on shelving and large statement mirrors look excellent on the floor, leaning against the wall.  

  • Let There Be Light!
  • If your corner is feeling a little cold, add warmth and style with decor lighting! A tall decor floor lamp might be all you need to make your corner pop. Alternatively, pair a lamp with a classy corner table and a framed print. 

    Short on space? Hang a light from the ceiling and add a fancy shade for a simple but effective result. If you’re a fan of fairy lights, add several hooks to your wall and string your lights across the corner for a dramatic effect. 

  • Make It Cosy With Seating
  • Corners tend to feel cold because of their sharp angles and blank walls. A comfy armchair or cosy sofa is a great way to make the space more inviting. Pair the seating with a coffee table or picture frames for a personal touch. Add some pillows and throws to soften the harsh lines.

    sports memorabilia

    By putting seating in an unused corner, you can create an inviting space to sip tea, read a book or chat with your friends. In fact, corners are often the ideal spot for seating because the shape encourages conversation and connection.

    Don’t Let Your Dead Corner Get You Down

    You might have an awkward, empty corner that is making your room look dull. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of creativity, you can transform any corner into an attractive space. 

    Not sure where to get started? Frame your favourite photos at a custom picture frame shop. At Portfolio Picture Framers, we can help you frame art, photos, mirrors and more to help bring your corner to life. 

    Who knows, the dreaded corner might turn out to be one of your favourite spaces in the home!

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