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How to Display Your Military Medals

March 06, 2020

military memorabilia framing perth

Framing your relative’s war medals is a very honourable and important responsibility. In addition to displaying the medals proudly on the wall of your home, it is very important to treat these heirlooms with the upmost respect which is why it is vitally important they are protected in a professionally made frame. Military medal framing is vital in keeping the medals and other war heirlooms protected from hidden nasties that lurk in your cupboards and draws. These hidden nasties include paper and materials that contain acid which will discolour and sometimes corrode the medals or other items, insects like silverfish and other risks like spillages, leaks and damage from weighty items being placed on the memorabilia. However, many people avoid military memorabilia framing simply because they are unsure how to do it or who to trust with these irreplaceable family heirlooms. So, in this article we will explore the different ways to frame your medals, so they are protected for many generations to come.


The first way to frame your military medals is to seal them permanently in a frame. This framing option allows you to include a vast array of items with your frame, for example a photo, a plaque, additional war memorabilia items like dog tags, badges, or small items made or collected during their service. All items will be safely secured into the frame and housed with all acid free materials so that your items will not discolour or deteriorate. The frame is then sealed with an acid free backing and stapled closed. Whilst this is called a ‘permanent’ option, the items can be removed by a professional picture framer (without any damage to the items) if you ever wanted to re-frame them or just remove them from the frame. This option is the best way to keep your military memorabilia safe from external elements as the frame is sealed.


If you are looking to wear your medals on ANZAC Day or simply want to be able to get them out of the frame on occasion, then there are two ways to achieve this. Firstly you can create a frame, with the same look to the examples shown on our website but instead of securing the backing with staples we place “bend backs” in the back of the frame and this allows you to open and close the frame as often as you like. The medals are displayed in the frame by using two hooks that are fixed into the backing, so you just unhook them to get them out and hook them back over to put them back in the frame. The only limitation with this design is you can only include the medals, photos and a plaque. You are unable to include other ‘3D’ items like dog tags etc with this option. However, we have found this to be a perfect solution for people wanting to wear their medals proudly in an ANZAC Day march.


The second option for framing your medals if you wish to access them from the frame is to create a hinged frame. A hinged frame is basically two frames, one would house a photo and plaque and the other frame would house the medals. The frame with the medals would be secured in the same as the above method and you could access the medals whenever you wanted. The frames are then hinged together at the top and bottom of the frame. With this option you would be able to stand the frame on a shelf and it would give the appearance of an open book.


The last option for displaying your medals is to place them in a Perspex box. With this option, you would simply have to take the Perspex box off the stand to access you medals. The box would protect the medals from all elements however there is no effort of opening up a frame to access them. The other benefit of this option is you can place this option on a shelf, bench or coffee table without any fear of the medals getting accidentally knocked. Photos can also be placed on the inside back of the box and an engraved plaque can also be placed on the front. You can also design the box to house other war memorabilia as well such as dog tags, making it a perfect alternative to framing if you wish to get the items out on a regular basis.


So, if you are considering framing your relatives war medals and looking for military medal framing Perth, look no further than Portfolio Picture Framers. We offer a free, no obligation consultation to help you decide how to frame your medals based on your requirements and provide assistance with everything from colours to finding further war record information on your relative.

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