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How To Display Your Photography

May 10, 2024

photo prints custom framing

How to Display Your Photography: Elevating Your Prints with Custom Framing

Photography is more than just capturing a moment; it's a distinct art form that requires both skill and creativity. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur looking to decorate your home or office with your favourite shots, how you choose to display your photographs can dramatically enhance their impact. This is where the art of custom framing comes into play.

Why should you go with a custom framer for your photographs over ready-made options?

Custom framing does more than just encase your photograph; it enhances the visual appeal and ensures its longevity. Unlike standard frames, which often come in generic sizes and finishes, custom frames can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your printed photograph, matching everything from dimension to style and colour palette.

But why should you opt for custom framing over cheaper, ready-made options? It’s all about quality, personalisation, and protection. 

Custom framing solutions by Portfolio Picture Framers use superior materials and techniques that not only display your photos in the best light but also protect them from environmental impacts such as UV damage and dust.

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How the right frame enhances photography

The first rule of displaying photography effectively is understanding that the frame is an extension of the photograph itself. It should complement the work, not distract from it too much. Custom frames can also be made to harmonise with specific elements in your photo, something not possible with off-the-shelf frames. 

For example, a minimalist black and white landscape shot might benefit from a sleek, simple frame, enhancing its modern feel, where a vibrant street scene might call for a more ornate frame to reflect its dynamic energy.

custom frames for printed photos

How custom frames protect printed photographs

One of the primary benefits of custom framing is the preservation of your photography. At Portfolio Picture Framers, we use archival-quality materials that are designed to protect your photography prints from physical damage, fading, and yellowing.

We always use acid-free mats and UV-protective glass is also an option. This ensures that your photographs withstand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy your displayed works for many years to come.

Reflecting your personal style

Custom framing offers the opportunity to create something truly unique. Beyond choosing materials and colours, you can also consider textures and finishes that reflect your personal style or that of the photo’s subject. The ability to select the frame’s width, matting, style, and colour means that each frame can be as unique as the photograph it holds.

photo prints custom frames

How to choose a custom frame to elevate your photograph

Consider the following when selecting the right frame for your photography:

  • Consider the photograph’s surroundings: Where will the photo be displayed? The style of the room can influence the frame choice. A modern office might benefit from a sleek contemporary frame, while a cosy living room might call for a wooden, rustic frame.
  • Think about the scale: Large photographs might look best with thicker frames, which help define the photo’s space in larger rooms.
  • Match or contrast styles: Sometimes contrasting a photo’s style with the frame can create an eye-catching display. A classical frame around a modern photograph can offer an intriguing juxtaposition. Just make sure the contrast does not overpower the photograph. 
  • Assess the colour scheme: Evaluate the predominant colours in your photograph and decide whether you want the frame to complement or subtly contrast these tones. For example, a black-and-white image might pop against a dark, bold frame.
  • Consider the matting: A mat can serve as a visual resting space between the photograph and the frame. Choosing the right colour and thickness of your matting can enhance the impact of the image. 
  • Focus on the finish: Different finishes on your printed photograph can affect the viewer's perception of your image. Glossy finishes can enhance vibrant images, while matte finishes might be better suited for softer, more delicate imagery.
personalize printed photo framing

Display your photography with pride

Choosing how to display your photography with custom framing is not just about protection and preservation; it’s about making a statement and elevating the visual impact of your photograph. 

With many years of experience and a passion for quality craftsmanship, we create the perfect wall photo frames that reflect your artistic vision and enhance the overall presentation of your work. By working with us, you get to give your favourite photographs the display they deserve. 

Looking for a one-stop-shop? We offer photo printing alongside our custom framing services all under one roof.

For those ready to take their photographs to the next level, get in touch with the experts at Portfolio Picture Framers. 

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