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How To Frame A Puzzle

July 24, 2023

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Preserve Your Puzzle Masterpiece: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Frame a Puzzle

Are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast? We get it; there's something undeniably addicting about completing a complex puzzle. But after all of your hard work is over, is the only option to pack your entire puzzle back in its box, or is there an alternative option to display your finished puzzle somewhere in your home? 

In this article, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to frame your favourite puzzles. The idea of framing your finished puzzle can be a little puzzling at first (excuse our pun), and admittedly it is easy to make mistakes if you don't use the right framing techniques. That's where we come in; we want to help you to ensure you can display your finished puzzle without damaging or losing puzzle pieces during the framing process. 

Here at Portfolio Picture Framers, we are professionals at framing almost anything, and can help you with all your puzzle framing needs. So, let's jump into it, and you can showcase and preserve your puzzle creations in no time!

Why should I frame my puzzle?

Once your hard work of completing your puzzle is over, there is a certain feeling of pride in your accomplishment; putting your puzzle into a puzzle frame can prolong this satisfaction. A completed puzzle tells a story of the journey of carefully assembling fragmented pieces to create a masterpiece. Many puzzle designs are available, and you can choose a frame print or picture that suits your home interiors, so your puzzle acts as both a challenge and a piece of art to proudly display in your space after you complete it. Framing a puzzle is a timeless way to capture both your love for art and your love for storytelling. 

With a professional framing company like Portfolio Picture Framers, we can elevate your finished product by pairing it with the perfect frame. With our precise assembly process, we can ensure that your puzzle fits perfectly in the frame, with all edges aligned straight. 

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Step-by-step guide on how to frame a puzzle

Framing a puzzle is a bit of a finicky task, one that we recommend leaving to the professionals. When done correctly, puzzle frames can transform your completed puzzle into a striking piece of wall art. 

The process involves a number of steps that our professional framers will carefully follow to ensure your puzzle is properly preserved.

Step 1: Puzzle preparation

If your puzzle you want framed is over 1m in size, we strongly recommend securing it by gluing it down prior to bringing it in to us. If your puzzle is smaller in size, jump straight to Step 2. 

How to DIY glue a large puzzle 1m+ in size

Follow the following steps for gluing a large puzzle:

  • Place parchment paper underneath your completed puzzle.
  • Use a specialised glue, such as Mod Podge’s Puzzle Saver. Pour the glue on top of the puzzle (be careful not to use too much glue at once, as this may oversaturate the puzzle causing it to swell or peel).
  • Use a business card or a foam brush to gently spread the glue over the surface of the puzzle, being mindful not to dislodge any pieces during the process. 
  • Make sure you cover all the puzzle pieces. As the glue dries, you may observe the presence of air bubbles, but rest assured, they will generally diminish in size.
  • Allow at least 4 hours for your puzzle to dry thoroughly before handling it.
  • Use a ruler or spatula to separate the parchment paper from the back of the puzzle if it comes stuck.

Step 2: Selecting the right frame

Next, it's time to choose the right size frame from our extensive range of frames. For puzzles, we recommend you select a simple frame to draw in the eye without taking away from any details. You can also consider complementary colours to the puzzle design when selecting your frame colour.

Step 3: Mounting your puzzle onto a foam board

To begin the framing process, we will carefully flip over the puzzle, and then adhere it to an acid-free adhesive foam board. 

This step is critical for ensuring the proper placement of your puzzle for framing. This step requires a professional eye to carefully ensure that no pieces shift out of place.

Step 4: Placing your puzzle into a frame

Now that your puzzle is securely mounted on the adhesive foam board, it is ready to be carefully placed into the frame. You will have the option to select a coloured matboard, or our team will use spacers in order to keep the puzzle away from pressing against the glass.

For a polished and refined finish, a sheet of either high-quality glass or plexiglass will be placed over the puzzle to complete the framing process.

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Tips for avoiding damage during the framing process

  1. Delicate handling: Always handle your puzzle with the utmost care, especially if it's large. Framing your puzzle is not a process that can be rushed.
  2. Use the right adhesive: Be careful to use adhesives specifically designed for puzzles. Other types of glue may soak into the puzzle and discolour your puzzle pieces.
  3. Let it dry completely: It's essential to let your puzzle dry thoroughly after each adhesive application. Rushing to the next step before the glue has completely dried can cause puzzle pieces to shift out of place or the adhesive to smear, resulting in a damaged puzzle.
  4. Use wax or parchment paper: Placing wax or parchment paper underneath the puzzle during gluing can prevent it from sticking to the surface below.
  5. Proper mounting: Make sure the puzzle is securely mounted onto the backing material before framing. If the puzzle is not adequately adhered to, it may move inside the frame, leading to damage or a lopsided finish.
  6. Choose the right frame: A frame too small may not support the weight of the glass, causing it to fall off the wall when hung. As every single one of our frames is custom made, this ensures that the correct size of frame is created, and your puzzle is perfectly framed.
  7. Use acid-Free materials: When choosing matting and foam backing, ensure all materials are acid-free to avoid any discolouration or deterioration over time.
  8. Consider additional enhancements: To protect your piece further, consider investing in matting, UV-protective glass and other personalised touches to elevate your finished piece.
  9. Professional assistance: It is best to work with a professional framing service. Professional framing services at Portfolio Picture Framers will have the expertise and equipment to frame your puzzle safely and beautifully, ensuring it will last for years.

Get your puzzle masterpiece framed by the professionals

If you are looking for a professional framing company to help you transform your completed puzzle into a framed piece of art, Portfolio Picture Framers is here to help. We have years of experience in memorabilia framing and producing professional custom puzzle frames. If you have any questions regarding our framing capabilities for your puzzle artwork or want to find out a quote, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team.

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