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How To Securely Hang Picture Frames On A Brick Wall

March 10, 2023

How To Securely Hang Picture Frames On A Brick Wall

Are you one of the lucky few with access to an industrial-style exposed brick wall within your home or apartment? Whether you have just purchased your new dream home or have been pondering for a while just what to do with a bare brick wall, you have lucked out! A brick wall is an interior design dream, creating the perfect base for bringing your personal home style to life. Architects around the world continue to utilise brick in their home and commercial designs to make a bold statement that adds warmth and character to their designs.

However, brick walls can be a little tricky to work with if you don't have the right tools (and knowledge) to use them best. If you are used to wooden walls, brick walls can pose a challenge for hanging frames and interior decor pieces. But despite their durable look and feel, a brick wall is a wonderful place to create a frame wall or large canvas display. The juxtaposition of the bare background with a colourful or artistic piece is an eye-catching statement.

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we craftcustom photo frames to suit any home. So no matter how you want to decorate your brick wall (or walls!), we are here to help you create a streamlined and harmonised look.

The right tools matter

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It's natural to be concerned about damaging the brick or wall surface when hanging picture frames. But when using the proper tools and techniques to hang your pieces, you will end up with a secure and long-lasting display. Unfortunately, when picture frames are not hung correctly on a brick wall, they can fall or shift over time. That's why we wanted to provide you with a comprehensive guide to avoid this happening in the first place.

What do I need?

  • We recommend using anchors and screws
  • Masonry drill bit (size must fit the width of the wall anchors - we recommend purchasing them first and bringing them along for your masonry bit shopping trip)
  • Cleaning equipment to clean up your wall
  • Chalk to mark the spots on the wall
  • Grab a second person to stand further back and ensure your work is level
  • Protective eyewear to avoid dust

Step 1

Hold your frame up to the place you want to hang it and mark the position with chalk. This will ensure you get it as close to your planned location. But in case, that's why you have a second person on standby, ready to give the thumbs up to your level handywork.

An important note:An anchor point in the centre is sufficient for lighter pictures. You may need two anchor points for a heavier picture.

Step 2

Get your drill bit ready, remembering it should be the same size or smaller than your wall anchors. Slowly and carefully begin drilling in your previously marked spot, remembering to use one anchor for a small picture and two or more for a heavier picture.

Step 3

Once you have your hole drilled, it's time to drill in your anchors. Ensure your positioning is correct, and firmly drill in your anchors with the screws.

Step 4

Clean up the wall and grab a vacuum for the floor to get rid of any excess dust. Voila — you are finished.

Are hanging strips and command hooks a safe alternative?

The short answer is no; adhesive hooks tend not to stick to brick. Using hanging strips and command hooks, you put your artwork at risk of coming off the wall and being smashed. Because brick walls are not as smooth as wooden or plaster walls, using a command hook will be very difficult to stick to the surface. The friction from the brick walls' textural surface could lead to your cherished hanging art being smashed, especially if you are hanging a heavier picture.

We don’t ever recommend the use of command strips or hooks on any surface, whether it be on a concrete wall, brick, textured timber or wallpaper. They simply are not reliable when it comes to firmly adhering your frames to a wall, and you risk your frame falling and your artwork and/or frame becoming damaged.

Get your photos framed professionally

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To make a statement with brick walls hanging artwork, leave it to the experts. With over 30 years in the framing industry, Portfolio Picture Framers are here to help. So whether you are looking for high-quality and professional framing or want professional advice on hanging your newlyframed artwork,reach out to our team, and we will help you to make an impression with your exposed brick artwork display.

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