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Keeping it Simple in the Hallway

November 03, 2020

hallway interior decoration

Keeping it Simple in the Hallway

Hallways. They’re what we see first when we get home from a long day, and they’re what we close our doors on when we leave home. They’re often the first impression someone has when they walk into our home.

Unfortunately, hallways can be a problem area for decorating. Awkward layouts and limited space can make it feel impossible to impress with your hallway.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be hard. A few simple changes can transform your hallway and make it a warm and inviting entryway for you and your guests.

As expert picture framers in Booragoon, we know how much interior design can affect how a space feels. Here are some simple decorating ideas for your hallway that will make a huge difference.

Open up a small space

A lot of hallways feel cramped, but they don’t have to. A quick and easy way to open up the space is by adding a large framed mirror. Mirrors add depth to small hallways by reflecting light and creating the illusion of space. 

Consider placing the mirror where it can catch natural light from a window or door. If you have a console table in the hallway, hang the mirror above it for an elegant feature spot. 

To avoid a cluttered feeling, ensure your mirror complements the rest of your decor. Custom framing is the best way to make sure a mirror harmonises with the existing style of your hallway and other decor.

Fill in the blanks

If your front door opens to a blank wall, adding framed artwork is a great way to create warmth and interest. Whether you purchase art or create something of your own, it’s sure to make your hallway an inviting entry into your home.

Just because your hallway is short on space, doesn’t mean you have to choose small pieces of art. Choose the artwork size based on the wall space you have. For large sections of wall, a large framed photograph or stretched canvas painting can actually draw attention away from the size of the hallway. 

If you only have a small section of wall space, use a set of smaller framed artworks that go well together. A mini gallery can add a beautiful touch to an otherwise bare section of wall. 

Last check before you leave

custom mirrors

When you head out for the day, you want to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. If you’re the kind of person who likes to have one last check in the mirror before you walk out the door, a full length mirror is the perfect addition to the hallway.

Full length mirrors can be hung or leant casually against the wall for an effortless look. For a romantic flair, add a custom-made gold frame to the mirror. This will pair beautifully with candles or a vintage style table lamp. 

If you prefer to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with a custom thin black frame. Introduce a pop of colour by placing pot plants or a vase full of fresh flowers near by. 

Inspire yourself

We leave our homes through our hallways. What if they could inspire us before we went out for work each day? Consider framing an inspirational quote or a card from a loved one and hanging it in your hallway so it’s the last thing you see before you go out.

Words can have a powerful impact on our attitude and motivation. They’re a great way to remind us what’s most meaningful in our lives. If there are words that mean something to you, remind yourself of them everyday by getting them framed professionally.

Create a personal ‘Welcome Home’

picture frames Booragoon

Hallways should feel personal and inviting. Afterall, we walk through them everyday when we get home. With your entryway decor, try to create a ‘welcome home’ feeling. 

What feels like a welcome home to you? If it’s seeing the faces of your loved ones, why not frame photos of them and hang them in your hallway? If you can’t choose just one or two photos, a gallery wall is a great way to showcase a larger range of your favourite memories with your favourite people.

Framing art or photos for your hallway? Choose custom picture frames.

However you want to decorate your hallway, you want it to be a space that feels like you. Custom picture frames are the best way to display art, prints and photos because they’re specially designed to complement your space and your style. Plus they’ll protect your precious memories and valuable art pieces for years to come.

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we create high quality frames for photos, artwork, mirrors, memorabilia and more! We’re picture framers in Booragoon who have a passion for creating frames that complement and enhance any space, including hallways! 

Get in touch with us today to see how we create custom frames you’ll love. 

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