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Modern Art Picture Frames Style Guide

February 03, 2023

Modern Art Picture Framing

Art enhances the unique style in our homes by adding visual appeal and depth to blank spaces. Displaying art pieces on our walls not only beautifies our home, but also showcases self-expression through interior design.

So, it makes sense that so many people are moving towards personalised pieces by purchasing posters or prints that represent them or their experiences. It could be a map of a favourite region in Italy, an artistic interpretation of a favourite cocktail recipe, an assortment of pieces from a local digital artist or a dazzling design of your star sign.

The challenge that comes with tailoring these stylised prints and posters? The decision of the frame is left entirely in your hands. After one too many trips to your local IKEA or discount store, you will quickly realise that many pre-made frames come in standard sizes, all too often different from the size that your brand-new artwork needs.

So, the time has come to look intocustom framing. However, with so many options for modern photo frames, it can be overwhelming to choose which ones are right for your needs. That's where we come in, with years of experience in the picture framing industry; we can help you to find which style of contemporary frames goes best with your chosen artwork, photograph or print.

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How is 'modern' defined when it comes to frames?

Modern picture frames are usually minimalistic in design. Modern, however, doesn't have to be limited to a specific colour or material. A metal photo frame springs to mind with the word modern. However, hanging your favourite photos in a wide range of different frame styles can also create a modern look. Black frames can be modern if they are sleek in design, and wood photo frames can have a modern edge which perfectly complement your art print. Special memories can be framed in white picture frames for a minimalist modern look, or classic stainless steel can be utilised for a contemporary look.

Modern art

Modern art, on the other hand, is defined as a breakaway from traditional art styles and techniques. Modern art movements include impressionism, abstract art, futurism and pop art. Art or prints in these styles look fantastic in simplistic modern-picture frames.

What are the benefits of custom framing your modern pieces?

If you have a modern home, custom framing can help match your modern style. Below are some of the benefits of custom framing:


By working with a professional framer like Portfolio Picture Framers, you are ensured that you get what you are looking for in both size and colour. Additionally, in custom framing, everything is made to order, so you don't have to make your artwork fit into a frame; instead, the frame fits your artwork.


Your artwork will be properly looked after, whether a photo, poster or print. Included in our wide variety of photo frames is a protective glass that will ensure the protection of your piece. Working with a professional instead of framing the art piece yourself also ensures no damage is done during the process. All of the framing materials used by us are acid-free, ensuring that your photograph, print or artwork will remain vibrant and protected from discolouration and damage over time


Simply put, custom-framed modern posters and prints just look better. You can achieve a crisp and clean appearance by acquiring a made-to-measure frame for your print or poster. By opting for custom framing, you can also keep consistency by choosing the same modern photo frames repeatedly, bypassing the hard-to-pull-off mix-and-match style when you buy one-off ready-made frames.

How much do modern picture frames cost?

Custom picture framing costs are quite straightforward. Your frame price is determined by the size of your artwork, the frame you select, and any additional options you add, such as a mat board, mount, or UV glass. While this can be a more costly option than a ready-made frame if you choose multiple customisations, often custom frames are comparable in cost to standard-size department store frames. 

If you are staying mindful of your budget, choose a simple frame with no extras, such as matting. Then, choose a glass and backing option that is already included. The frame will then be made according to your specifications, in the colour of your choice, and with premium materials. This way you still receive a high quality custom framed piece, but at a more affordable price. 

Our top tips for framing your modern art in modern picture frames

Choose a plain frame for a busy piece

Opting for a simple frame for a louder piece with lots of colours will work wonders in creating a focal point for your space, allowing the art piece to have its moment and the frame simply complementing it. 

Use a thicker frame for the frame to become a part of the artwork

If you want the frame to be a prominent feature of the artwork, consider using a thicker frame. A wider frame creates a bold, bordering effect that can complement the artwork and add to its overall aesthetic. Some people prefer this style, as it allows the frame to become a key part of the artwork.

Stick to one colour for one space

Unless you are going for a bold statement, it's easiest to stick to one frame colour per space. For example, opt for an all-white or all-black display if you are creating an entire frame wall in your entryway. The one colour creates consistency, plus it makes it easier to add additional pieces in the future.

Contact the experts in modern picture framing 

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we are more than just experts in framing your art pieces. We partner with you to determine the best framing option for your space and individual needs. Our goal is not just to sell you our most popular or extravagant frames, but to find the solution that truly works best for you. If you need assistance choosing the right frame, our friendly team is always here to help.Contact us today for all of your custom framing needs.

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