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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

April 14, 2021

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Are you looking for ways to spoil Mum this Mother's Day? Check out the personal and unique Mother's Day gift ideas below. From family photoshoots to inspiring artwork, framed quotes and more – you'll find some of the best gift ideas to make it a special day for Mum.

Family photoshoot

Families change and grow as time goes on and it's important to slow down and cherish the moments we do have together. This Mother's Day, why not treat Mum to a family photoshoot? Then after the shoot is over, let her choose her favourite photos, print them off and frame them for her in stylish custom frames. This is always a popular gift with mums.

Maternity photos for new mums

If there is a new mum in your life who will be celebrating her very first Mothers Day, why not gift her a maternity photoshoot? These photos will become precious memories that she'll look back on with nostalgia for years to come. Print the sweetest shots on fine art paper and frame them so that she can display them proudly in her home.

Inspiring artwork

If your mother appreciates art, why not gift her a beautiful still life painting, a colourful abstract print or a stunning landscape photograph? If you're not going to consult her first, be sure to check around her home for an appropriate place to hang the artwork. Frame the artwork in a quality custom frame to ensure the it is displayed in the best possible way.

Framed memories

Nowadays we all take lots of photos on holidays and special occasions but many of us don't get around to printing them off – they just stay hidden away on a USB! A collection of framed photo-memories could be the perfect gift this Mother's Day. Surprise her by choosing the photos yourself and framing them so that they're ready to hang on the wall straight away. Alternatively, you could go through the photos with her and pick out the best ones together. The time you spend looking through all the old memories and reminiscing together will be a heartfelt gift in itself.

Handmade gifts for Mum

If you're helping your kids make Mothers Day gifts for their mum, framed artwork is always a good choice! Get the kids to create something special such as a painted family portrait, an embroidered scene or an eye catching collage. Then frame the artwork with a complementary custom frame. Don't forget to help the kids write a Mother's Day card with a heartfelt message to go with the gift.

Wise words

Is your mum a reader? Does she like a good quote? A framed quote from her favourite book or poem is a great Mother's Day gift idea. If you're a creative person, you could hand write the quote or create an attractive digital print of it yourself. If you'd rather leave the creativity up to someone else, find a local designer or illustrator who can make it look amazing. Finish it off with a custom frame that ties in nicely with your mum's existing decor.

Pressed botanicals

For mums that love nature, you can make a gorgeous gift by framing pressed flowers and leaves from around your neighbourhood. If you don't have a flower press at home, simply collect a range of attractive flowers and leaves, place them between two sheets of absorbent paper and then put this under a stack of heavy books. Leave it for a week or two to allow the botanicals to completely dry. Get creative with the arrangements! You could even do two or three frames that coordinated together.

Astrological map

An astrological map is a map of the stars! These look amazing framed in a simple black, white or gold frame. You can actually get custom astrological maps made which show what the sky looked like from a particular location on a particular date. You could choose a map of the stars on her birthday, wedding day or any other special occasion that you know she'll appreciate.

Need to frame your Mother's Day gift? Portfolio Picture Framers can help!

If you've got a beautiful artwork, precious photograph or other sentimental item that needs framing for Mother's Day, make sure you choose a high quality custom frame. Not only will it look better, it will protect your items from damage so that Mum can keep enjoying them for years to come.

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we're passionate about creating high quality custom frames that look amazing and stand the test of time. If you need assistance choosing the right frame for your Mother's Day gift idea, we'd be happy to help. Come in and visit our studio in Myaree or get in touch online today!


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