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Our Christmas Gift Guide 2022!

December 06, 2022

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Christmas is just around the corner. That means so is the opportunity to show your friends and family how much they mean to you with a thoughtful gift. After the last few years, your loved ones deserve to be spoilt — with a tailored, personalised gift, especially for them. The time for impersonal gift-giving is over, with more and more people wanting to live a more streamlined and minimalist life. So don't give a gift that will contribute to an already overflowing collection of candles or will be stored in a cupboard with all the rest of your loved one's "stuff".

Instead, surprise your loved ones with a unique and personalised Christmas gift that they will love and will become a special part of their space. This festive season, gift your friends and family a gift that celebrates their unique personality. 

Here’s our 2022 Christmas Gift Guide from the team at Portfolio Picture Framers. Happy Christmas shopping!

Frame your loved one's favourite rolled canvas

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Does your loved one have a rolled canvas painting or print that has sat gathering dust in a corner? You can turn it into hangable art this Christmas. You can help your gift recipient to get the most out of their rolled canvas by purchasing a service to have it stretched over custom stretcher bars! Here at Portfolio Picture Framers, we are experts in the trade and can make a showstopping piece for your loved one’s home. 

Frame a poster of your loved one's favourite movie (or book)!

Not everybody is a film fanatic, but when you have one in your life — you will know about it. Films can hold special meaning, a nostalgic feeling or generally bring joy to people. Why not give the gift that keeps on giving and frame a still shot that encapsulates the film for your loved one to display in their space? 

Let's not forget the book lovers! You can frame a poster version of a vintage book cover of your friend's favourite read.

Turn a personal passion into art

Turning your loved one's passion into an art piece for their home is a unique way to celebrate all things them! If you have an uncle who is an avid at-home bartender, then framing a poster with cocktail recipes might make for a great fit for his home. If your sister is a psychologist, then opting for a stylish and colourful emotion wheel might make a great addition to her office. If your boyfriend can't get enough of all things aeroplanes, then framing a vintage poster might add some personality to his bedroom.

Frame a milestone photo that isn't currently displayed

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Often people intend to frame milestone photos but just don't get around to it, life gets in the way, and the task is pushed down the list. Your loved one's household might be overflowing with wedding photos, graduation snaps, or baby memorabilia tucked into drawers. This Christmas, take the opportunity to display those precious moments.

A framed picture of a beloved pet

This one is the ideal gift for pet lovers. Whether you take the photo yourself or print one a favourite of the recipient, gifting a framed picture of a pet is a special gift, bound to be appreciated this Christmas. Whether you opt for displaying a man’s best friend on an oversized wall frame or opt for a smaller frame for a subtle touch to a coffee table or bedside table, you can cater the style and size to your friend's taste. The best part? You can choose a frame that matches your loved one's home to make it an extra thoughtful gift.

Framing a print from your loved one's favourite artist

Whether it's a painting, digital print or perhaps a merchandise poster of your friend's favourite band, create a piece of art out of their favourite artist, ready to decorate their halls this Christmas. Show you really know them by picking their favourite album cover, an art piece released on a special year for them or opting for colours to match their house.

Make Christmas special with Portfolio Picture Framers

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We hope this Christmas guide has inspired you for the season of giving. Whether you decide on one of these options or come up with a framing idea of your own, we have you covered for a thoughtful and personal Christmas gift here at Portfolio Picture Framers. If you have questions about all things picture framing, don't hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced team. Let us help you to make this year's Christmas gifts memorable. Feel free to reach out for anobligation-free quote to get started on ticking off your Christmas shopping list, knowing that you are putting your faith in the best and that we get it right, time after time. 

Not sure what your loved one would like to get framed as a gift? Why not purchase one or our amazing gift vouchers? That way your family and friends can also get the gift of choice!

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