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The Expert Picture Frames in Perth, Australia

January 30, 2019

picture frames in Perth

As well as servicing the wider retail community for custom picture frames, Portfolio Picture Framers also serve the framing needs of many corporate clients, businesses, artists and photographers Australia wide. If you are a business, artist, photographer etc that needs a large number of custom frames created, from simple black frames to go around a poster, artwork or photo to more technical framing, Portfolio Picture Framers are your experienced partner to complete your project on time and with second to none quality.


frames We currently work with several private business and government departments on a regular basis to frame employee awards and gifts, artworks for display homes, custom bathroom mirrors for new homes and artworks to decorate corporate offices. Our corporate clients come from near and far with these businesses proudly hanging our picture frames Myaree, Australia wide.
Picture framers Perthare often overlooked by businesses as people believe it will be too expensive however when you are looking at a bulk order the price reduces dramatically from one custom frame. Several of our corporate clients have been surprised and impressed with the total cost but even more so with the quality of the final product. After all, when your brand and quality can be interpreted through the item that you are framing, you will want the very best look which unfortunately sometimes cannot be gained by using cheaper ready-made, mass-produced frames.


We also work very closely with local artists and large photography businesses that require framing on an ad-hoc basis. Most artists do not require framing every week but can require our services up to four times a year for entries into art competitions and exhibitions. Even though they are not framing with us on a weekly basis we still offer them our discounted corporate rates due to the volume over a twelve month period. perth framers


picture framers

If you are an artist or photographer (professional or amateur) looking for someone to mat and mount your work, frame your work for an exhibition or a business looking to decorate your offices, or even a large company with achievement or appreciation awards that require a custom frame look no further than Portfolio Picture Framers. We will happily provide you with a no obligation consultation to find you an affordable solution to your framing needs. We will also provide you with a comprehensive quote with multiple options so you can make an informed decision about your framing needs. We have a long list of corporate references that can provide testimony to our quality of work and customer service to ease any concerns you may have before committing to what can be a large purchase depending on your requirements.

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