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Remembering your Pet through a Memorial Frame

May 03, 2022

pet memorial frames

Our pets are an integral part of our lives and bring us so much joy – it's hard to imagine life without them. Celebrating the life your beloved companion lived and all the happy memories you made with them is an important part of saying goodbye.

If you're grieving your own pet loss or know someone who is, doing something to commemorate the occasion can help. Many people choose to create a keepsake that can help preserve the memories, whether that's a pet memorial frame, a shadow box or a plaque in the garden.

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we've helped many pet lovers commemorate the life of their beloved companion through custom made photo frames, shadow boxes and wall displays.

We've put together everything you need to know about pet memorial frames and pet memorial gifts. For further information, don't hesitate to call us on (08) 9330 5884 or visit us at our Myaree studio.

How do you make a pet memorial?

A pet memorial is a great way to celebrate the life of your beloved pet and remember all the joy, comfort and good memories they brought to your life.

There are many ways to have a pet memorial – it's important to choose something that's right for you and your family. In addition to holding a memorial service at home, many families choose to make a keepsake that they can display to celebrate their cherished pet.

Here are some popular pet memorial ideas that we can help with at Portfolio Picture Framers:

1. Frame a pet portrait

Choose a photo of your furry friend that you love – it could be one where they've got a great expression or a photo where they're having fun with the whole family.

Decide where you want to display the framed portrait so you know what size will suit best. Then order a professional print on fine art paper for the best results.

Keep in mind professional photographs can usually be printed quite large and still look great, while some lower resolution phone photos will have a limit with how large you can print. If you're unsure, speak to your printer or ask the team at Portfolio Picture Framers for advice.

Consider what type of frame would suit your photograph best. We recommend choosing a frame that complements the style and palette of the portrait and matches your existing decor.

If you need some guidance onwhat type of frame would be best, take your print directly into your local framing studio and we'll be able to show you the different options available.

2. Commission a custom portrait

Instead of printing a photograph of your pet, consider commissioning a custom framed artwork to mark the occasion. This is a great option if you don't have any high quality photographs of your pet or love a particular style of art.

You can commission pet portraits in every kind of medium from watercolour and oil paint to line art, graphic prints and embroidery. In most cases, you'll need to send the artist a photograph of your pet so they can use it as a reference picture.

We can help with framing all types and sizes of artwork, including three dimensional artworks, canvas prints and more.

3. Custom shadow box

A shadow box is a glass-fronted display case for showcasing more three-dimensional items. This is a great option if you want to create a pet memorial frame that includes larger items such as a pet urn, dog tags, collars, toys etc.

Custom shadow box displays can include a range of different items as well as a plaque or a photograph of your pet. The options are virtually limitless, which means you can create a highly personal memorial with all the items that are meaningful to you.

Simply bring your different items into Portfolio Picture Framers and our team can help you choose the right size and style shadow box. We can also assist with arrangements, name tags and other personalised touches.

4. Create a collage

If you can't settle on one portrait for your pet's memorial, consider creating a collage with a wide selection of photos that are meaningful to you.

Simply print the different photos you want included in the photo frame and bring them into Portfolio Picture Framers. We can assist with arranging the photographs, cutting the matting into specific shapes and creating an attractive display. We can even create custom shapes such as hearts or the letters of your pet's name.

Custom-made pet memorial frames

We highly recommend ordering a custom pet memorial frame as custom frames are much higher quality, will protect the framed items better and will showcase your memorial in the best way possible.

We understand that losing your beloved pet can be very difficult. At Portfolio Picture Framers, we've helped many Perth families create special keepsakes for their dogs, cats and other furry friends. We'd love to help you too.

For more information about picture framing near me – speak with our team on (08) 9330 5884.

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