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Styling Small Spaces With Custom Frames

October 02, 2020

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It’s easy to make small spaces feel overcrowded and cramped. However, the right framed art can actually open up the space, add personality and make your house - whatever size it is - feel like home.

Here are our top tricks and tips for styling wall picture frames when you’re running low on space. 

Choose Less, Say More

One of the sure ways to make your space feel oppressively small is to cram it full of things. When it comes to framed art, choosing less is often the best way to make a statement. 

A small space can be the encouragement we need to surround ourselves only with things we truly love. Go with pieces you really love and invest in a custom frame so that the artwork gets the attention it deserves. 

Go Big, Go Bold

Just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean you have to choose small picture frames. In fact, a large statement piece is often the best way to draw the eye away from the size of the space and towards the artwork itself.

When you make a statement with wall art, you can free up floor space. You might not be able to fit in that statement couch or table that you like, but a big and bold piece of art can bring style without taking up valuable space. 

Create a Gallery

If you’re an art lover and you can’t bear to have just one or two statement pieces, try creating a gallery of small works. Done well, galleries can help make your wall feel larger and your ceiling higher. 

framed picture gallery perth

When hanging your gallery, be sure to leave enough space around each piece. Even though you have many frames, you want each of them to feel important. Overcrowding the wall can end up making the room feel cluttered.

Draw the Eye Upwards

Traditional galleries aren’t always possible when you only have a slim section of wall available. In this case, try hanging framed artwork vertically. Not only will this make use of an awkward space, it will also draw the eye upwards. 

Matching frames can be hung in a clean and classy vertical line. Alternatively, mix and match different sizes and styles to create depth and texture. Have some macrame, embroidery or sculptural pieces you like? These can be incorporated into the gallery too.

Expand With Scenery

Nothing says space like an open field or a vast seascape. Why not bring that feeling into your home with a framed landscape photo or painting? Whether it’s a place you’ve been to or somewhere you dream of going one day, a landscape on your wall is like a window to somewhere else.

Add Depth With Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best ways to create the illusion of space. Bigger mirrors do the job better, but even small mirrors will help add depth. Consider adding small mirrors to a gallery wall.

custom mirrors

Place larger mirrors near or opposite a window so that it catches the light and bounces it around the room. To make sure your mirror ties into the rest of your decor, give it a custom frame. A custom framed mirror can be the perfect eye-catching element that opens up a cramped space.

Utilise Free Space

If you have limited wall space or aren’t able to hand picture frames because you are renting, you can make use of other areas in your home. Shelves, doors, book cases, benches and the tops of cupboards all make excellent resting spots for framed artwork. Pair the artwork with other decor items such as lamps, candles or plants to make an attractive nook. 

Be Consistent

Whether you have a minimalist style or like to play with colour, choose a consistent palette. When you have too much going on in a small space, it can look busy and chaotic. 

Sticking to neutrals with your furniture and framed artwork can help make the room look light, bright and soft. However, don’t be afraid to go bold if you’re a fan of colour. Pick a colour palette and stick to it, but make sure your space feels like you!

Always Choose Custom

At the end of the day, whatever the size of your space, you want it to feel like yours. When you choose custom frames for your artwork, you’ll get something that has been designed perfectly for your space and your style. Custom frames are better quality, will last longer and protect your precious artwork from damage. 

Ready to transform your small space with custom wall picture frames? We can help! At Portfolio Picture Framers, we help people create stunning framed artwork that’s right for their space. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you do the same.

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