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What Is An Accent Colour

June 24, 2024

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What is an Accent Colour In Artwork and Photographs?

Incorporating colour into your home décor can transform your living space, infusing it with personality and warmth. One powerful tool in interior design is the accent colour.

So what is an accent colour in relation to art, photographs and interior design? Keep reading to learn more about what an accent colour is and how to effectively incorporate accent colours into your home décor, particularly through expertly framed artwork and photo displays. 

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we pride ourselves on our ability to enhance your home aesthetics through custom framing solutions that highlight these accent colours beautifully.

What is an accent colour?

An accent colour is a colour used to add interest, contrast, and visual appeal to a room. It is usually bolder or more vibrant than the primary colours used in the space, serving as a highlight that draws attention to particular elements or areas. Accent colours can be used in various ways, such as in cushions, rugs, and most effectively, in artwork and photographs.

What is the role of accent colours in home décor?

Accent colours play a crucial role in creating visual interest and harmony within a room. By strategically placing accents, you can draw the eye to specific features, creating focal points that enhance the overall aesthetic. The right accent colour can add depth, character, and a sense of cohesion to your interior design, making your space feel thoughtfully curated and balanced.


Identifying accent colours in art and photography

When selecting artwork and photographs for your home, it’s essential to identify and consider the accent colours within these pieces. Here are some tips for spotting and utilising accent colours effectively:

  1. Focus on dominant hues: Look for bold or vibrant colours that stand out in the artwork or photograph. These are typically the accent colours.
  2. Consider the background: Often, the background of a piece will contain more subdued colours, allowing the accent colours to pop.
  3. Analyse the subject: In photographs, especially portraits or nature shots, the subject often includes natural accent colours, such as the blue of the sky or the green of foliage.
  4. Use colour theory: Complementary colours (colours opposite each other on the colour wheel) often make great accent colours because they provide an eye-catching contrast.
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What are some common accent colours?

  • Abstract art: Often features bold splashes of red, blue, yellow, or green as accent colours.
  • Nature photography: Commonly highlights the greens of trees, the blues of water and sky, and the vibrant colours of flowers.

Portraits: May focus on the colour of the subject’s clothing, eyes, or background elements.

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How to choose the right frame to complement accent colours

Selecting the right frame is crucial in enhancing the accent colours of your artwork and photographs. Here’s our professional advice on how to make the best choices:

  1. Match the style: Choose a frame style that complements the overall aesthetic of the artwork and your home décor. Modern pieces may look best in sleek, minimalist frames, while traditional art might benefit from ornate, classic frames.
  2. Consider the colour: Select a frame colour that either complements or contrasts with the accent colour to make it stand out. For instance, a black frame can make vibrant colours pop, while a coloured frame can enhance or match a particular accent colour in the artwork.

How matboards can highlight accent colours 

The matboard, or mat, is the border between the frame and the artwork, playing a significant role in accentuating accent colours.

The matboard not only protects your framed artwork from touching the glass but also enhances its visual appeal. A well-chosen mat can draw attention to the accent colours, providing a professional and polished look.

Tips on choosing the right matboard to highlight accent colours

  1. Complement or contrast: Similar to frame selection, choose a matboard colour that complements or contrasts with the accent colour. A white or cream mat is versatile and suits many pieces, while coloured mats can highlight specific accent colours.
  2. Texture matters: Consider textured mats to add depth and interest. Textured matboards can add a tactile dimension that enhances the overall presentation.
  3. Double matting: Using two matboards can create a layered effect, adding depth and sophistication. The inner mat can match the accent colour, while the outer mat can be more neutral.

Ideas for highlighting accent colours in your framed artwork and photographs

Incorporating framed artwork and photographs into your home décor with attention to accent colours can elevate your interior design. Here are some practical tips and inspirational ideas:

  1. Gallery walls: Create a gallery wall using a mix of framed photographs and artwork. Use accent colours to tie the collection together, creating a cohesive and eye-catching display.
  2. Feature walls: Choose a bold accent colour from your framed pieces to paint a feature wall, creating a focal point in the room.
  3. Room themes: Use accent colours in artwork to establish themes for different rooms, such as calming blues for a bedroom or energetic reds for a living space.

By focusing on these points, you can confidently incorporate accent colours into your home décor, using expertly framed artwork and photographs to enhance your living space. 

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Professional framing expertise from Portfolio Picture Framers

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we offer unparalleled expertise incustom framing, helping you showcase your artwork and photographs to their fullest potential.

Our expertise and services

    1. Custom solutions: We provide tailored framing solutions that suit your specific needs and preferences, ensuring your photograph or artwork is presented beautifully.
    2. High-quality materials: We use only the highest quality framing materials, ensuring durability and a premium finish.
    3. Professional advice: Our experienced team offers professional advice on frame and mat board selection, helping you make informed decisions that enhance your home décor.
  • A range of colour options: We offer a wide selection of frame and mat board colours, making it easy to highlight your accent colour effectively.
  • At Portfolio Picture Framers, we’re here to help you every step of the way, ensuring your home looks its best with beautifully framed pieces that highlight your unique style.

    To highlight accent colours in your pieces, opting for a custom framer is the best choice. We can perfectly match or complement the accent colour in your image, something that isn't always possible with ready-made, off-the-shelf options.

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