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Choosing A Custom Frame Over Ready-Made Options

January 13, 2021

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People often ask why they should get their painting or poster custom framed instead of just getting a ready-made frame from a department store. There are a multitude of reasons why custom picture framing is better than pre-made frames.

Custom frames are higher quality

If you are framing a high value piece of art, a precious memory or important memorabilia, it makes sense to give it the best quality frame. Higher quality frames last longer and protect your items from dust, damage and wear. Plus they look much better too!

Cheap and nasty pre-made frames can break unexpectedly, have paint peeling issues and suffer scratches from the lightest bump. What’s more, some pre-made frames can actually damage your item over time due to poor materials. 

Quality custom framers use the best materials that are acid free. In many cases they’ll also use specialised UV glass which will protect your items from sun damage. Professional custom framers have the training and experience to deliver a high quality, attractive and durable product. 

At Portfolio Picture Framers, our head framer Travis has been making custom frames for over 15 years. His experience and expertise means you’ll get a framing service that does your artwork, photo or memorabilia justice.

Custom frames protect your item from acid damage

When you use a professional framer like Portfolio Picture Framers, all the materials we use are acid free. 

The best way to explain acid is when you have used sticky tape to secure a photo onto a matboard in a ready-made frame. Years later when you go to take the photo out you find the sticky tape has started to disintegrate and has turned yellow. 

Another example is when you take an artwork out of a frame that was framed many years ago that has a non-acid free matboard surrounding it. When you take the matboard off there is a distinct yellow line where the matboard was sitting. 

In both examples the yellow staining or discolouration is acid and acid can be found in all sorts of materials used in cheaper ready-made frames and custom frames that were framed more than ten to fifteen years ago. 

Where there is acid damage, if the acidic materials are not removed the acid will keep eating through the paper or material and it will eventually discolour the photo, artwork or material further and eventually eat through the paper or material causing a hole. 

Consequently, this is one reason why it is so important to custom frame your items and use a professional picture framing company like Portfolio Picture Framers.

Custom frames enhance your item’s appearance

Expert designers will tell you that the frame is part of the artwork itself. The right frame can enhance a piece of art while the wrong frame can distract the viewer and take attention away from the art. 

Custom framing allows you to create a frame that is the perfect finish for your item. Whether the artwork will look best with a slim minimalist frame, an ornate golden frame or a natural wooden frame – you can control the final look down to a tee when you get a custom frame.

Matting also plays a very important role in the overall appearance of your artwork. Some pieces look best with lots of white space around them. Whereas some modern posters may catch the eye best with no matting at all. 

It’s difficult to control the quality and style of matting when you get a premade frame. By going to a custom frame shop, you can achieve an amazing final look that you’re proud of.

Custom frames are made to the perfect size

When you custom frame an art print, photo or memorabilia, your frame is specifically sized to the item that you are framing. There is nothing worse than looking at an artwork in a frame where the artwork has been made to fit in the frame instead of the frame being made to fit the artwork. 

During a framing consultation at Portfolio Picture Framers, we ensure that we discuss how large you want to make your frame and dimensions of features like matboards. 

We suggest frames and mat board sizes that are balanced with the item that you are framing as this is essential to making the item you are framing the focal point rather than the frame itself. This is a lot harder to achieve with a standard size store-bought frame!

Custom frames give you full control

Not only do we custom make the size of the frame to suit your specific requirements we can also help you select the perfect colour matboards and frame to enhance and highlight certain features of the artwork, image, photo or item that you are framing. 

At Portfolio Picture Framers we have one of the largest frame selections in Western Australia with a selection of over 500 frames. Plus we have over 500 mat board colours and textures to choose from! 

With thousands of frames and mat board combinations you can be assured there is the perfect frame with additional framing options to suit your colour choice, style and budget.

How much does custom framing cost?

Custom framing prices tend to be more expensive than buying a pre-made frame. The size, matting, glass type and level of expertise required can all affect the final cost. 

To get an accurate cost estimate, it’s best to ask for a quote. At Portfolio Picture Framers, we offer free, no-obligation quotes and are happy to discuss your options with you at our studio in Myaree. Get in touch with us to see how much it will cost to frame your item.

Is custom framing worth it?

It depends on what you’re framing. If it’s a cheap print that you’ll swap out when you get bored of it in 2 months, probably not. However, if you are framing an item that is important and valuable to you, then yes custom framing is definitely worth it. 

You’ve got to think about the long term results. Pre-made frames may cost less to purchase in the beginning, but they will not protect your precious item. Over time, your item could change in appearance, suffer damage and lose value. 

High quality custom framing helps prevent this from happening so you can keep on enjoying your item for years and years to come.

Looking for custom framers in Perth?

Next time you are looking at framing your special memories, favourite artwork or family photos, choose custom frames. In addition to looking professional and elegant in your home, your framed item will last the test of time and still look as new as it did the day you brought it home from the framer. 

If you are unsure where to start or what to choose, come and see us at Portfolio Picture Framers for a free, no obligation, colour consultation and quote. We can suggest an array of options for your special memories taking into account your budget, style and home décor.

Send us a message!