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Why Having a Custom Frame is So Important?

April 06, 2020

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People often ask why they should get their painting or poster custom framed instead of just get a ready-made frame from a department store? Well the answer is more than simply better quality. There are a multitude of reasons why visiting Portfolio Picture Framers is important when framing your items, whether inexpensive or one of a kind.

Firstly, when you use a professional picture framer like Portfolio Picture Framers, all the materials we use are acid free. What are acid free materials I hear you ask? The best way to explain acid it is when you have used sticky tape to secure a photo onto a matboard in a ready-made frame. Years later when you go to take the photo out you find the sticky tape has started to disintegrate and has turned yellow. Another example is when you take an artwork out of a frame that was framed many years ago that has a non-acid free matboard surrounding it. When you take the matboard off there is a distinct yellow line where the matboard was sitting. In both examples the yellow staining or discolouration is acid and acid can be found in all sorts of materials used in cheaper ready-made frames and custom frames that were framed more than ten to fifteen years ago. Where there is acid damage, if the acidic materials are not removed the acid will keep eating through the paper or material and it will eventually discolour the photo, artwork or material further and eventually eat through the paper or material causing a hole. Consequently, this is one reason why it is so important to custom frame your items and use a professional picture framer like Portfolio Picture Framers.

Secondly, when your custom frame an item your frame is specifically sized to the item that you are framing. There is nothing worse than looking at an artwork in a frame where the artwork has been made to fit in the frame instead of the frame being made to fit the artwork. During a framing consultation at Portfolio Picture Framers, we ensure that we discuss how large you want to make your frame and dimensions of features like matboards. We suggest frames and matboard sizes that are balanced with the item that you are framing as this is essential to making the item you are framing the focal point rather than the frame itself. This is a lot harder to achieve with a store-bought frame with limited choice!

Not only do we custom make the size of the frame to suit your specific requirements we can also help you select the perfect colour matboards and frame to enhance and highlight certain features of the artwork, image, photo or item that you are framing. At Portfolio Picture Framers we have one of the largest frame selections in Western Australia with a selection of over 500 frames plus we have over 500 matboard colours and textures to choose from! With thousands of frames and matboard combinations you can be assured there is the perfect frame with additional framing options to suit your colour choice, style and budget.

So, next time you are looking at framing your special memories, favourite artwork or family photos, choosing custom frames for your items is the right option to choose. In addition to looking professional and elegant in your home, your framed item will last the test of time and still look as new as it did the day you brought it home from the framer. If you are unsure where to start or what to choose, come and see us at Portfolio Picture Framers for a free, no obligation, colour consultation and quote. We can suggest an array of options for your special memories taking into account your budget, style and home décor.