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Why it's a good idea to get a Custom Vintage Photo Frame

July 15, 2022

Why it's a good idea to get a Custom Vintage Photo Frame

If you like the look and feel of vintage photo frames, here's how you can ensure you're getting a high quality frame that protects your photos while looking great.

Pros and cons of buying vintage photo frames

Genuine vintage photo frames are often works of art themselves. Larger frames especially can be real show-stoppers and depending on how rare the piece is, you might have a truly unique frame for your wall.

While finding the perfect Victorian era or art deco frame is the collector's dream, it's not often the most affordable option. Antique picture frames often come with a hefty price tag, even if they're not in mint condition. Plus, sourcing quality vintage photo frames can be tricky. You might stumble on an antique photo frame in a vintage store or collectors market, but in general, high quality vintage photo frames can actually be quite hard to find.

Many antique picture frames will be worse for wear, requiring repair jobs or restoration services before they're ready for display. If you're framing an expensive artwork or a sentimental item, it's important to make sure your frame will protect the item and not cause further damage.

What about new vintage-style frames?

Buying a new frame made in a vintage style can be an affordable and accessible option. It allows you to get the vintage look while also knowing the frame will protect your artwork properly and last a long time. When you buy a new frame from a reputable framing studio, you can be confident that you'll get a high standard finish to the exact specifications you're after.

Keep in mind that not all framing studios offer the same level of quality with their vintage-style products. Vintage picture frames and ornate frames require particular skill and attention to detail during the design and construction processes. To ensure you're getting the highest quality frame, check out these 10 important questions you should ask any professional framer.

Custom vs premade frames

If you're framing sentimental items or valuable artworks we highly recommend getting a custom made frame over ready made options. Not only will you have more control over how the frame looks, you can also be more confident that the frame will last longer and protect your item better.

For more information on the benefits of custom wall frames, read our guide 'Why should I choose custom framing?'

What to put in a vintage picture frame?

Vintage style frames are a great choice, whether you're framing classic artworks, retro photos or modern prints. When you go for a custom frame, you can select the exact colours, materials and style to best complement the item you're framing.

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Old photographs – match old family photographs or prints of your grandparents with a vintage photo frame for a classic look. Go for a small frame that you can place on a bookshelf or include the frame in a gallery wall of family portraits.
  • Family heirlooms – got a sentimental item that has been passed down in your family? Keep it protected with a custom vintage frame that matches the era of the piece. If the item is bulky, consider using a shadow box frame.
  • Minimalist modern prints – sometimes contrast works a treat. Try framing some minimalist line drawings or simple black and white prints in a showy vintage frame.
  • Oil paintings – oil paintings pair really well with ornate gold leaf frames. Whether you're an artist yourself or have your eyes on a painting by someone else, a vintage frame could be the perfect finish.

Framing vintage photographs – what to know

If you're framing vintage photographs or artworks, keep in mind that they may need extra care and protection. All materials break down over time, but thankfully there are things you can do to slow down the degradation and ensure your items last for generations to come.

Choosing the right frame is the best way to protect old photographs and valuable artworks. Ensure your framer only uses acid-free materials. Mat boards and papers containing acid can cause discolouration and unnecessary wear over time. We also highly recommend opting for UV protection glass as old photographs are particularly vulnerable to UV damage when in direct sunlight.

If you are captioning your photographs or want to write the date on the back, use a pencil rather than pen. The inks in some pens can cause damage or bleed through. Avoid placing your framed artworks in direct sunlight or where there's a lot of humidity.

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Custom vintage photo frames in Perth

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we have decades of experience creating gallery standard wall photo frames – including vintage style frames and ornate frames. We use acid-free materials and the best techniques to ensure every frame is of the highest quality. Not sure it's worth the investment? You might be surprised at the price of our custom frames. Since we make all our frames on site, we can offer competitive factory-direct pricing to our customers.

Visit our friendly team at our showroom in Myaree or call us on (08) 9330 5884 for an obligation-free quote.

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