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Winter Interior Decorating Ideas for Your Home

August 04, 2021

Winter Interior Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Whether you're a fan of winter or not, one thing's for sure: we want our homes to feel cosy and inviting when it's cold and rainy outside. While the bright, open and airy interior style is great for hot summer days, it can make our homes feel cold and uninviting during winter.

The good news is that by applying some simple interior decorating ideas you can create a cosy atmosphere at home that's perfect for the cooler months. You don't have to be an interior designer to achieve a look you're proud of. 

Exploring new home interior design ideas can also be a fun way to refresh your indoor spaces and feel inspired again.

Looking for winter design inspiration? Here are 8 great interior home decor ideas to use this winter.

1. Add more texture

The best way to make a space feel more cosy is to introduce more texture into your rooms. Texture is all about surfaces that feel interesting to touch rather than smooth, uniform surfaces. Think of shaggy floor rugs, chunky knitted throw rugs and velvet curtains.

If you've got wooden floorboards or tiles, it's a good idea to use floor rugs to add warmth. Also consider breaking up wide open wall spaces by hanging interesting textured wall art.

For example, if you find a piece of fabric you love in a vintage store or handmade by a local artisan, you could display it in a custom frame to help break up the smoothness of an empty white wall.

2. Introduce warmer tones

Neutral tones and white paint are great throughout summer, but can make a room feel a bit cold when the weather cools off. Warm things up by introducing splashes of warmer tones like rust, peach and mustard.

You don't have to go and paint new accent walls to get the warming effect of these colours. A more simple interior decorating idea is to introduce a few throw cushions, a floor rug or some wall art which features warm and bright colours.

Natural wood is also a great material for warming things up. Different types of woods have different hues and textures, so look for options that complement your style. You could try introducing woven baskets, jarrah side tables or natural wooden picture frames to create a warmer colour palette.

3. Layer up

When decorating, try to create layers as it can help add depth and make a large space feel more cosy. Think about layering both in a horizontal and vertical way to create visual interest.

For example, in the bedroom you could create horizontal layers by using a throw rug on top of the quilt and adding a series of cushions to help make the bed look warm and inviting.

Create vertical layers by decorating the wall above the bed head with framed artwork. Introduce a table lamp or a vase of flowers on your bedside table to create even more layers.

4. Create cosy seating nooks

On grey winter days, nothing is nicer than finding a warm place to relax with a hot cuppa. Make sure you create these kinds of spaces where you can slow down and relax when you need to.

Make the couches in the living room inviting by adding throw rugs and pillows. Add a seating area next to a window which receives natural light throughout the day. Choose furniture pieces which you can relax into – soft, rounded edges are always a good idea.

Arrange your living room so that you can do more of the things you love in winter. For example, if you're a reader, make sure there's a bookshelf close and handy to the couches. For movie lovers, make sure you have rugs on hand and a coffee table nearby.

5. Include natural materials

Natural materials like wood, florals and green foliage are great interior home decor ideas that can be used all year round, and will make a space feel more lively during winter. You can display these anywhere in the home, from on the dining table to the bathroom bench and the home office.

If your home doesn't get much natural light during winter, choose indoor houseplants that can cope with darker conditions such as Devil's ivy and maidenhair fern. If you're not keen on looking after plants but still want to include natural materials, try a bouquet of fresh or dried flowers.

6. Use mood lighting

Embracing natural light where you can all year round is a basic principle of interior design, but some days in winter, natural light might be scarce. 

Introducing table lamps and floor lamps with a warm coloured globe can help make a small room feel more inviting. Avoid harsh blue lights where possible, and opt for soft, warm options.

Stock up on candles and place them around the home. Not only will they help make your home smell nicer, they're an easy way to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

7. Celebrate winter with art

If you're a winter lover, celebrate the season with some beautiful winter-inspired artwork on your walls. Whether it's a stormy ocean scene or a cool blue and white abstract painting, framed art is a great interior home decor idea to add personality and style to your home.

Show your artwork off in the best light by getting it framed professionally and it'll become a piece you can love and cherish for years. If you're not sure how to best display wall art, get some interior design advice from Natasha at Portfolio Picture Framers and she can walk you through different options that suit your interior style.

8. Warm up with good memories

What's warmer than good memories with the people you love? Print and frame some of your favourite photographs and display them around your home to create a warm, homely atmosphere. Gallery walls are a great way to display lots of pictures and will help break up open wall space in a stylish way.

Interior decorating ideas and design inspiration

We hope these interior decorating ideas have been useful. If you are looking for a picture framer in Perth, Portfolio Picture Framers can help. We're a local, family owned business that specialises in making professional custom frames at factory direct prices.

For advice on choosing artwork for your home, printing photos or displaying picture frames, give Natasha from Portfolio Picture Framers a call. The Portfolio team looks forward to hearing from you!

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