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What to expect when choosing Portfolio Picture Framers

September 03, 2018

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Portfolio Picture Framers have a variety of picture framesthat are on offer. The first and cheapest option are a range of ready made frames. These come in standard photos sizes and a variety of colours and finishes. They are a cost-effective way to get your photos in a frame and on display. We also have a limited range of ready made certificate frames that come in A4, A3 and A2 sizes. These are very popular for people wanting a cheap alternative to custom framing to get their certificates or posters up on the wall or on display. Ready made picture frames are good for photos and paper that can easily be reprinted or replaced but they are not recommended for original, limited edition or irreplaceable items as this type of photo frame contains materials with acid that will deteriorate the paper over time.

Portfolio Picture Framers core business is custom picture framing in Myaree. Basically, you would bring your item into the showroom and we will guide you through a colour and frame consultation to achieve the perfect look for your item while taking into account your personal tastes and home décor. A usual colour consultation will start with determining if you have any ideas of their own, usually, this is a great place to start and will knock out at least half of the possibilities! We discuss matting and frame options, plus we can help you choose the perfect type of glass to protect your piece. All materials that are used by Portfolio Picture Framers are acid free so you can be assured that your piece will not deteriorate over time due to acid damage. If you are concerned with sun and UV damage, we have UV resistant glass as well as museum quality glass that will keep your piece in pristine condition. Plus we can also frame your item so it is completely removable with no lasting effects of having it framed.

Custom picture framing has been around for decades and has improved in leaps and bounds since its huge popularity in the 80’s and 90’s. Back in the day, custom picture framing shops had multiple staff and would see up to 50 customers a day, it was hugely popular and no other alternative existed. Fast forward to 2018 and most picture framing businesses are owner operated and have minimal or no staff, however, the quality of materials, the advances in technology and new methods to frame have catapulted the industry into a whole new up-scale market. The downturn in the industry has also meant that owners of picturing framing shops have to be more customer orientated and work as hard as possible for their business. Embracing technology and constantly finding new ways to attract new customers as well as looking after loyal repeat customers will be the key to a successful business.

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