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How To Add Brush Strokes To Canvas Print

January 29, 2024

How To Add Brush Strokes To Canvas Print

Transforming Prints: Adding Brush Strokes for an Oil Painting Effect

If you're an art enthusiast or a homeowner looking to elevate the appearance of your paper or canvas prints, you've come to the right place. At Portfolio Picture Framers, we offer a unique and creative service that can transform your paper and canvas prints into stunning oil painting-like masterpieces.

In this blog, we'll introduce you to our brush stroking service, explain the benefits of adding brush strokes to your prints, and show you how it complements our custom framing services.

What is brush stroking?

So, what exactly is our brush stroking service, and how does it work? Brush stroking involves taking a paper or canvas print and hand painting a special medium onto its surface. When dried, this medium provides the appearance of real brush strokes, turning a flat print into a realistic piece of art with natural paint textures. This adds texture and depth which mimics the strokes of a traditional oil painting.

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What are the benefits of brush stroking?

Many people wonder ‘how do you create canvas prints with brushstrokes?’ – particularly if their print is a flat image or reproduction of an original artwork on canvas. This is where brush stroking comes into play.

One of the most remarkable advantages of our brush stroking service is the ability to achieve a realistic oil painting effect. The added texture and depth make your print look as though it is an original piece of art, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Brush stroking is also applicable to paper prints, as the special medium can also be applied to paper.

The brush stroke textures add a tactile dimension that invites viewers to connect with the artwork on a deeper level.

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Framing prints without glass

Traditional framing options often involve using glass to protect the artwork. However, some people prefer the effect of the print being exposed without glass, so they can enjoy the beauty of the paper or canvas print without distractions from reflections and glare. 

So, is it possible to frame prints without glass? Yes, if you have an artwork on paper which has been brush stroked, you do not need glass. 

Protection against environmental factors

Beyond its ability to transform your paper or canvas prints into visually stunning pieces that resemble oil paintings, the brush stroking medium also provides an additional layer of protection. This layer safeguards your artwork against dust and minor abrasions. Our brush stroking service ensures that your artwork remains in pristine condition, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.

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How do I maintain my print without glass?

Although the applied brush stroking medium applies a layer of protection to the print underneath, simply wipe over the surface with a microfiber cloth every now and again to remove any surface dust. That's it! 

It’s all part of the package

Our brush stroking service seamlessly complements our custom framing or canvas stretching services. If you have an art print on canvas, we offer you the option of custom framing or canvas stretching depending on your preferences. For paper prints, we recommend our custom framing options. Whether you choose to frame your artwork or have it stretched onto canvas bars, our brush stroking medium can be applied at no additional cost. 

We understand the importance of showcasing your artwork in the best possible light. If you are searching how to achieve a canvas print oil painting effect, you have come to the right place.

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Matching art prints with the right frame

At Portfolio Picture Framers, we love creating the perfect frame to go with your art print to elevate its appeal. Whether you want a classic, modern, rustic or minimalist look, we can provide the best framing solution to display your art print in the best possible way. 

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Framing your prints with Portfolio Picture Framers

We offer a wide range of framing styles and materials to suit your preferences and perfectly complement your artwork. Whether you're looking for a classic wood frame, a sleek metallic look frame, or something entirely unique, our expert framers can bring your vision to life.

To get started, simply visit our showroom in Myaree, where you can view our framing samples and discuss your project with our friendly team. We're always eager to collaborate with art enthusiasts and homeowners to create framing solutions that exceed your expectations. For any enquiries, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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