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10 Creative Ways To Display Family Photos - Tips and Tricks

February 22, 2023

10 Creative Ways To Display Family Photos - Tips and Tricks

A home is more than just a space. It's the place where you start and end each day and the place that holds so many of your most sacred memories.

When decorating your space, family pictures are a special and popular way to personalise your interiors. However, you want to get it right and allow the photos to enhance your style and interior mood rather than take away from it. With a bit of creativity, your family photos can help to bring your home to life. That's why we have compiled ten different ideas to help display your family pictures in style.

Opt for a collection of matching frames

Display your family photos in a coordinated collection of frames. Whether you are opting for oversized frames to be displayed in your living room or small pictures for your bedside table, opting for matching frames can create a cohesive family photo display that just works. Whether your home is best suited to gold frames, wood frames or minimalistic black frames, keep it coordinated to create a contemporary look.

Build a frame family-tree

A grouped collection of picture frames showcasing your family members of different generations is a unique and innovative option for a family photo display. You can transform your wall space into a gallery wall that visually displays your unique family history and special memories. You can keep all photographs the same size, or experiment with different frame sizes and layouts. 

Create a black and white photo gallery

wall gallery frames

Printing your family photos in black and white can help your family photographs to blend into your home’s style. Black and white photos provide a timeless and classic look that stands the test of time. Choosing a black-and-white photo gallery means that your framed photographs will be versatile; and can be transferred across different rooms if you decide to redecorate in the future.

Transform your hallway into a gallery

A hallway often has a rather large amount of neglected wall space; what better way to transform this space with personal family photos? You can use different sizes of the same frame to create a coherent gallery feel as you walk into your house. We recommend trying all white, or all black frames for a contemporary style. For more ideas on creating your own hallway gallery, check out our previous blog,'Hallway Gallery Ideas’. 

Add a splash of colour

Displaying family photos in coloured frames is a simple yet effective way to add a personal touch to your home decor. Coloured frames can add a pop of color to your walls and create a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere. They are also a great way to add interest to a neutral color palette and make your space more inviting. You can play with different frame colors and sizes to create an eye-catching display and tell the story of your family through the photos. Experiment with different arrangements, such as grouping photos of similar colours or arranging them in a gallery wall style, to find the perfect display for your home.

Create a photo wall in the kitchen

Family photo displays don't have to be limited to hallways and living rooms, so why not mix it up and create a family gallery in the kitchen? Sprawled on the wall above a dining table or bar cart, or displayed amongst your utensil shelves, family photos can add a personal feeling to the heart of your home; the kitchen.

Don't forget your friends

While you are busy printing your family photos, remember the family we don't choose. Displaying your favourite photos with your friends can bring liveliness and sentimental value to your space. Plus, the friendly faces of our friends are sure to be a comforting addition to any home.

Frame your polaroids

Polaroids are usually more casual snaps of moments in time. Because of their size, many people store them away somewhere in the house. However, it's also possible to display them in their full glory. Because of the size, it is best to frame several polaroids together, creating a collage-like display to hang proudly on your walls.

One large photo

If a gallery wall of family photos just isn't your style, opting for one large photo may be a better fit. Family photos don't have to be structured and coordinated photoshoots; you may choose to display your family with an artistic snap from your latest holiday. Choosing one large framed photo is a great centerpiece for any space, and adds sentimental value. 

Get a professional result with custom picture framing

However you want to display your family photos, it should feel like home.Custom picture framesare the best way to display your family photos because they are made to fit your style and complement your space. As well as preserving your precious memories, by choosing to work with a professional like Portfolio Picture Framers you can ensure your photos are looked after and protected for years to come.

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