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The Perfect Gift for Film Buffs - Movie Poster Framing

November 10, 2022

The Perfect Gift for Film Buffs - Movie Poster Framing

Movie posters make attractive and interesting framed art pieces for the wall – and excellent gifts. Whether you're a movie poster collector, a film buff or just have a particular movie poster you love, it's important to get your posters framed well. The right frame will protect your poster while making sure it's displayed in an eye-catching and attractive way. If you've got vintage or valuable movie posters, investing in professional framing services is a smart move.

In this guide to movie poster framing, we discuss everything you need to know about getting the right frame for your movie posters. Plus some tips on how to display movie posters in your home.

How to frame a movie poster

There are many options when it comes to movie poster framing. Firstly, you should think about the size of your frame and where you're planning on displaying it. Also consider what type of glass, frame style and mat board would look best with your particular poster. Finally, are you framing a single piece, or a collection of works? Single pieces can be framed in a bold way, while a collection might look best with matching frames.

Below, we walk you through the different movie poster framing options.


In general, the size of your poster will determine the size of the frame that you need. Small lobby card movie posters are typically 11x14 inches while large posters can go up to 41x81 inches.

The table below shows the most common sizes for movie posters in Australia.


Width x Height in mm

Width x Height in inches

Lobby Card

279.4mm x 355.6mm

11 x 14in


660.4mm x 762mm

26 x 30in

One Sheet

685.8mm x 1016mm

27 x 40in

Three Sheet

1041.4mm x 2057.4mm

41 x 81in

Source: Mail Boxes Etc

Frame material, style and colour

In general, choosing the type of frame will come down to your personal preference and the existing decor in your home. The colours and artwork style in the movie poster may also point you towards particular colours and styles for the frame. At the end of the day, the right frame should enhance the artwork rather than take attention away from it.

A classic look is a thin black frame with a white mat board, however a professional framer can help you choose a look that works for your movie poster and display plans. If you're not sure what works best with your movie poster, you can bring the artwork into our framing studio in Myaree and we'll show you the different options.

Mat board

The mat board is the border between your movie poster and the frame. A classic white mat works well with most movie posters, but you can also choose colour mat boards or no mat board at all, depending on what look you're going for. To add more depth, consider using a double mat board.

Glass options

If you plan on framing your framed movie poster in a dark room, such as your home theatre, standard glass may be the more affordable option. However, if you're framing original movie posters or vintage posters, it's often a good idea to upgrade to museum glass. This type of glass will not only reduce glare and shine for a better viewing experience, but will also protect your valuable movie posters from damaging UV rays.

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Custom vs ready-made frames

If you're wanting to frame low-value posters for short term display, a ready-made frame may be appropriate. However, if you're framing a valuable movie poster, we highly recommendcustom photo frames. A custom frame offers long term preservation and will protect your framed poster against accidental damage. Custom framing is also the best way to ensure your poster is framed in an eye catching and attractive way.

At Portfolio Picture Framers, all our custom frames are made in house. This means we can control for the highest standard while offering our customers factory direct prices. Ask us for a quote today– custom movie poster framing might be more affordable than you think.

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How to display your movie poster frames

Framed movie posters make great home decor for the living room, home theatre, bedroom or office.

Here are some tips for displaying your framed movie posters:

  • Gallery wall. Got a collection of movie posters? Frame them and display them together as a gallery wall. Read our guide on how to create a head-turning feature wall.
  • Statement piece.A large movie poster can be an excellent statement piece of art for the home theatre or living room. Remember that a statement piece will set the mood of the room, so choose a poster that you really love.
  • Bring life to your hallway.Got a hallway that looks empty or a dead corner in your home that needs some personality? Movie posters are a great way to bring difficult spaces in your home to life, and to add character to your rooms. Read our guide to styling small spaces with custom frames.

Movie poster framing in Perth

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