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5 Best Ways to Display your Wedding Photos at Home

February 02, 2022

5 Best Ways to Display your Wedding Photos at Home

So you've received your photos from your wedding photographer – now what? Displaying photos from your special day is a great way to celebrate the milestone and keep your precious memories front of mind.

In this guide on how to display wedding photos at home, we walk you through 5 of the most popular ways to showcase your favourite moments. Plus, we offer some tips about wedding photo framing and the best spots for displaying photos around the house.

How to display wedding photos at home

Wedding albums and coffee table books are a good way to have all your photos in one place, but there's something special about printing and displaying your photos throughout the home as a visual reminder of the day. Here are 5 of the best ways to do just that:

1. Classic frame

Choose the most show-stopping photos from your wedding day and give them all the attention with a classic framed look. Picture framing remains the most popular way to display wedding photos and for good reason!

To get the best result, don't skimp on printing or framing. Your photos will shine when printed on high quality fine art paper using high resolution images. Check out our guide to printing and framing photos for more tips.

We recommend choosing custom frames over ready made options for wedding photos. Custom frames give you more control over what you want the final display to look like. You can decide everything from the size of the frame, the colours, style, matting technique and more.

Not only will a custom frame make sure the photographer's work is showcased in the best way, it'll also protect your precious memories from damage over time. You can even opt for UV rated glass to prevent sun damage.

Also read: Picture framing care for protection.

2. Canvas print

Canvas prints are another popular choice for wedding photos. They have a bold, modern look and work well for large statement pieces.

Canvas prints need to be stretched over the right type of stretcher bars before they're ready to display. After this process, you can hang or lean your canvas print on the wall as is, without a frame.

Alternatively, you can choose to add a frame around the edges to achieve a particular look. For example, a deep brown wooden frame may give the piece a classy, elegant finish and draw the eye towards the subjects in the photo.

One of the most popular types of frames for canvas prints is an L Bar frame which sits on the outside edge of the canvas and wraps around the back.

If you're not sure whether to print on fine art paper or canvas, check out this guide: Canvas vs framed print: Which one to choose?

3. Gallery wall

If you can't settle on one photo to showcase, choose a range of special moments and display them as a gallery wall. A photo gallery acts like a feature wall, drawing the eye and adding interest to the room.

If you want to keep it understated and classy, choose all matching frames and let the images provide contrast.

Alternatively, use mismatched frames for a more cheerful and unique display. Vary the size of the frames for visual interest and stick with a simple colour scheme to make sure everything ties in well.

The great thing about gallery walls is that you don't just have to display your favourite wedding photos, you can also throw in family photos, holiday snaps and artwork. Think of it like a patchwork of all your best memories and favourite things.

Pro tip: plan out your gallery wall using paper rectangles and blue tac. That way you can arrange where each frame will sit on the wall instead of building the display piece by piece.

4. Shelf display

Shelf displays are perfect for showcasing a range of smaller sized prints or dressing up an empty shelving unit. And if you're wondering how to display wedding photos at home when you're renting, this is the ideal solution.

For the best results, print your photos in a range of different sizes and go for a mixture of portrait and landscape shots. Variation will help create a balanced and visually interesting photo display.

Shelving displays are a great way to show personality and add a bit of flair. You can mix in other décor items like candles, house plants and ceramics too. Or stick with the wedding theme, and display your dried bouquet, your wedding invites and other precious pieces from your big day.

5. Collage print

If you're looking for something a little more unique than a simple photo in a frame, consider a photo collage. These make great anniversary gifts as well.

Take all your favourite photos to Portfolio Picture Framers and we can design a collage that brings them all together in an attractive way. Instead of making the collage digitally, we cut a hole in the matting for each photo. This means each photo gets the perfect framing – we can even cut out unique shapes using our mat cutter rather than traditional rectangles.

If you want to include a special quote or a line from your vows, we can also write text onto the matboard or include an engraved plaque or printed text. There’s really no end of options. Our team can help you craft a completely custom display for your wedding photos.

Where to display your wedding photos

Beautiful wedding photos look amazing throughout the house. Here are few ideas to help you find the perfect spot:

  • Bedroom – large canvas prints look great above the bedhead, while smaller framed prints are perfect for the bedside table.
  • Living room– gallery walls and pairs of photos are perfect for the living room. Large statement pieces work great above the lounge or fireplace.
  • Dead corners– use your wedding photos to liven up dead corners or awkward spots in your home.
  • Hallways– let your favourite memories welcome you home everyday by displaying them in the hallway. Check out our tips for keeping it simple in the hallway.

Perth picture framers

Looking for custom picture frames in Perth? Portfolio Picture Framers are here to help. If you need advice about how to display wedding photos at home, we can offer a free consultation. Call us on (08) 9330 5884 or pop into our Myaree studio to see how we can bring your vision to life.

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