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How Framing Can Save Your Special Memories

October 05, 2022

Picture Framing

Our best memories bring us joy and comfort, reminding us of people we love or places that are special to us. Some memories even remind us of who we want to be, and what dreams we want to be chasing. At Portfolio Picture Framers, we're in the business of preserving memories. We've seen first hand how meaningful it can be to preserve important memories and display them proudly. 

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to preserve memories through framing, and why it's worth doing.

Why preserve your memories in a picture frame?

There are so many reasons to frame your most special memories. Whether it's a family photograph, a well earned degree or a precious travel souvenir, a frame will keep your memory safe while making sure you can see and enjoy it everyday.

Here are some great reasons to preserve your memories in a frame:

  • Keep the family history alive.  Old photos passed down from parents and grandparents can help keep your family's memories alive. Framing them means you can keep the family stories alive for future generations.
  • Give yourself a visual reminder.  Most of us are guilty of leaving photos stuck on an external hard drive where we never look at them. By hanging physical photos on your wall, you give yourself a daily visual reminder of what's most important to you – whether that's your dreams of travelling the world, your wedding day or special moments with your kids.
  • Celebrate your achievements.  Finishing a degree, winning an award or creating your own piece of art– whatever your achievements are, they're worth celebrating. Framing is a great way to protect your certificates, memorabilia and artistic creations.
  • Make your house feel like home.  Framed photos of your family or your favourite travel destinations are a great way to personalise your home. And if you're trying to decorate a dead corner in your house, framed photos are the perfect way to add life and colour.
  • Give a meaningful gift.  Framed photos of special moments you've had with a loved one make a thoughtful gift. The perfect way to show someone how much you love and cherish your memories with them.

How to preserve memories through framing

1. Choose your memories carefully

What memories do you want to preserve? We've helped customers frame everything from old family photos and family portraits to holiday snaps, graduation certificates and pet memorials. It's not just photos that can be preserved in a frame. If you've got three dimensional items such as holiday souvenirs, a wedding bouquet or military memorabilia, a shadow box frame could be the perfect way to preserve them.

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2. Protect your memories with the right frame

Items that have sentimental value need to be protected. For valuable or precious items, we highly recommend a custom frame from a professional framing studio. Not only will your framed items look better, but they'll also be getting the maximum protection possible.

Custom photo frames offer protection in a number of ways:

  • Keeping out dust, dirt and insects.
  • Preventing damage from sunlight over time (ask us about our UV protective glass)
  • Preventing damage from finger prints and excessive handling
  • Protecting from tears and breakages

For more information, read our guide onwhy having a custom frame is so important.

3. Display your memories in the right location

For the best protection, we recommend displaying your framed memories out of direct sunlight and away from fluorescent lights as these can cause damage and fading over time. Larger frames look great as statement pieces, such as above a mantlepiece or over your bed head. Smaller frames tend to look best in smaller nooks, or even on bookshelves. If you have a lot of memories that you want to display together, consider creating a gallery wall.

At the end of the day, it's best to choose a location where you can get maximum enjoyment from your framed memories. Hang them in your hallway so you can see them whenever you come home. Place them by your bedside so that you can look at them each night. Or make them an eye-catching feature in your living room.

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4. Show off your memories with pride

When displayed properly, your precious memories can become works of art. At Portfolio Picture Framers, we'll make sure your framed memories look stunning by using the highest quality materials and art gallery standard framing techniques. Whether you know exactly what type of frame you want, or need some guidance, we'll make sure you get results you're proud to show off.

Preserving your memories with Portfolio Picture Framers

For high quality, budget friendly picture framing in Perth, get in touch with our team at Portfolio Picture Framers. We have a variety of different frames and products to suit any memorabilia including artworks, photos, sports memorabilia and more. You name it, we frame it! 

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